Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Horror Comedy "Wrestlemassacre" Set To Release This June

"Wrestlemassacre" will be available On Demand DVD June 16, 2020 from Wild Eye Releasing. The film stars Richie Acevedo aka The Cuban Assassin, The WWE’s Tony Atlas, Julio Bana Fernandez (“House of Cards”), Jason John Beebe (Crossbreed) and Canadian pro wrestler Rene Dupree. 

Randy is an awkward groundskeeper who is obsessed with professional wrestling. Longing for a sense of belonging with grandiose dreams of becoming a wrestling superstar, he is only met with abject humiliation. A brutal shaming at a local wrestling school pushes Randy over the edge and sets out on a blood soaked rampage to punish those who wronged him.

New Trailer Released For Adam Steigert's "Fang"

Horror fans, the 10x AWARD WINNING horror thriller and Best Picture, Fang makes its second festival tour with a new trailer to sink your FANGs into! Starring Best Actress Melodie Roehrig (The First Purge) and Best Actor Gregory Blair (Garden Party Massacre), the film boasts two-time Special Effects winner Phill Beith as they present their all-practical effect werewolf thriller.

Two couples, each en route out of town for their own reasons, wind up crossing paths and head to the closest house in town. As dusk sets in, they must fight for survival in a secluded house of horrors. Hosted by an eccentric caretaker, the Crowley’s are an odd couple with a hidden secret behind lock and key. As the clock strikes ten, all exits are locked and the visitors find themselves trapped in a dog pen of werewolves. They must make a decision, stay and fight or try and escape before they are all dinner.
Melantha Blackthorne as Doris Crowley gives a two-time award winning performance for Best Supporting Actress. Jennie Russo (Night of Something Strange) and Jason John Beebe (Sharknado 2: The Second One) deliver the perfect mix of creature feature and eighties slasher gore.
Directed by Adam Steigert (A Grim BecomingOmbis Alien Invasion) he brings his unique storytelling to life as he introduces a bold new vision on the werewolf mythology. Fang shares the same monster universe continuing with this year’s release of 388 Studios’ (The Horrific Evil Monsters) currently in post-production with a 2020 release date.
Fangs 2020 festival submissions include Calgary Horror Con, Toronto Indie Horror Festival, Horror ShowFest, Sin City Horror Fest, Northeast Wisconsin Horror Film Festival, Montreal Requiem Fear Fest, Be Afraid Horror Fest, Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival, Dead All Day Horror Film Festival and Shockfest Film Festival.
Amazon exclusively released Fang on Streaming, Blu-ray and DVD on October 22, 2019 for those horror fans that need to sink their Fangs into a hardcopy of the film.

4Digital Media Will Release "The Jonestown Haunting" On DVD This April

4Digital Media will release "The Jonestown Haunting" on DVD April 21st. The film is directed by Andrew Jones and stars Derek Nelson, Andromeda Godfrey, William Meredith, Harriet Rees, Doug Cooper. 

The film takes place inside The People's Temple, which housed the cult of Jim Jones. In the film's story, one person has survived a mass suicide, in Africa. Now, Sarah is determined to return to this tragic site, only to find it haunted by a supernatural element.

New Clip Released For Tommy Baker's Documentary "Facing East"

A new clip has been released for upcoming documentary "Facing East". The film will be released March 17th from Uncork’d Entertainment. Check out the clip below.

With over 100,000 documented disturbed burials the owners and operators of Eastern Cemetery systematically re-used graves over and over, taking advantage of low-income families during one of the most difficult times in their lives. 25 years after the cemetery was left abandoned, the Friends of Eastern Cemetery was formed to provide care and upkeep that the burial grounds so desperately needed.

Poster And Teaser Trailer Released For "Candyman" Reboot

The poster (above) and first teaser trailer have been released for upcoming "Candyman" reboot. The film is produced by Jordan Peele and is written/directed by Nia DaCosta. It stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen IITeyonah ParrisNathan Stewart-JarrettColman Domingo and Tony Todd. "Candyman" is set to release June 12th.

The film will tell the story of graduate student Helen Lyle, who explores local legends for a research paper with the help of her friend.

Monday, February 24, 2020

The Dead Walk Among Us In First Trailer For A WAKEFIELD PROJECT

A Wakefield Project, a unique new entry in the sci-fi horror genre, premieres in North America March 3 on DVD and VOD.

L.A. Lopes directs the film, the story of a group of townsfolk who suddenly start seeing dead people living among them!

Eric (Anthony Bewlz, Tooth Fairy) and Reese (Dennis Andres, Workin' Moms) invest in a property in the little town of Wakefield. Chloe (Lindsay Seim, Insidious: Chapter 2) a medium, who used to live in Wakefield returns to her roots to enlighten the new entrepreneurs on the history of the town. The property was originally owned by Nathan Cross (Rob Archer, Lost Girl), who's post mortem crimes stain the entire town. On a day when unprecedented solar flares target North America, Wakefield becomes the centre of a temporary shift in atmospheric energies. The living are seeing the dead walk among them. As they find themselves in the heart of this nightmare until dawn, they need to face history in the flesh, and survive.

A Wakefield Project premieres on DVD and Digital 3/3 from High Octane Pictures.

DEMON SQUAD Is Now Available On DVD And VOD!

Nick Moon, P.I. (Paranormal Investigator), delves into a hidden world of monsters and creatures of the night as he takes on a case to retrieve an ancient artifact with astonishing power.

Directed by Thomas Smith. Written by Erin Lilley and Thomas Smith. Starring Khristian Fulmer, Erin Lilley, Leah Christine Johnson, Martin Ross Henne, Monica Ganoe, Eric C. Schmitz, Kelli Houk, Amir Zandi, Alton Landry, Bennett Wayne Dean Sr.

"Demon Squad" is available on Sling, Tubi, Xfinity, and Amazon Prime.

Psychological Thriller "Drowning" Available On Demand

Laura Tremblay (“The Expanse”, “Lifechanger”) stars in the spine-chilling Drowning, a “wonderful twisted story”* from filmmaker Pasquale Marco Veltri available Feb 25 On Demand.

Anna is a prostitute who has been abused, exploited and manipulated since childhood. Disconnected from her emotions and the sympathetic people around her, Anna accepts that she must take control of her own life, empower herself and learn to live her life on her own terms. Returning to the place where her nightmare began, her childhood home, Anna faces off against her enablers, her abusers, and her own demons.

Laura Tremblay, Tracy Rowland, Alys Crocker, Pardeep Bassi, and Mark Nuttall star in a Pasquale Marco Veltri film, available Feb 25 On Demand.

Terror Films and Sister Label Global Digital Releasing Team with CINEDIGM for Multi-Channel AVOD Content Deal

Terror Films and Global Digital Releasing are kicking off 2020 with a new partnership and have teamed with Cinedigm to place content across their popular ad-based platforms: CONtv and Docurama. 
Terror Films President Joe Dain stated: “we are thrilled to be working with Cinedigm and their network of popular AVOD channels." Dain also mentioned the popularity of online Digital platforms: “in today’s growing subscription-based environment, we’re seeing an explosion of consumers turning to free, commercial based platforms. This is a great opportunity for us to continue our goal of expanding the digital footprint of our library while creating new revenue opportunities for our filmmakers.” Terror Films continues to partner with innovators in the online film marketplace.
Cinedigm is a leader at the forefront of the digital transformation of content distribution. They have adapted rapidly to the transforming business needs of today’s entertainment landscape while remaining a change-centric player focused on providing content, channels and services to the world’s largest media, technology and retail companies. Cinedigm provides curated original and aggregated programming that entertain consumers globally across hundreds of millions of devices.
The initial launch will consist of 15 movies between two labels. The first films to debut at Cinedigm include: the terrifying possession film The Taking of Deborah Logan from director Adam Robitel, the critically acclaimed Romanian film Be My Cat: A Film for Anne the fan favorite documentary Unearthed & Untold – The Path to Pet Sematary, detailing the journey of Stephen King’s hit film from novel to script to screen and the award winning, inspirational documentary Film School Africa – among others. 
A complete list of the films, which will begin to go live later this year, can be seen in the attached promotional banner. 
To learn more visit:  www.terrorfilms.net


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