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Check Out The New “Hate Crime” T-Shirt

HateCrime smT-Shirts for James Cullen Bressack’s “Hate Crime” are now available and 60% of the proceeds actually goes to the production company! Please support by spreading the word with an article if you liked the film or if you just want to help out Psykik Junky Pictures!

T-SHIRT CLICK HERE! also check out the links and keep up to date with his latest projects “Pernicious” filming in January on location in Thailand for Benetone Films and Hillin Entertainment. Plus a short film in the “Theatre Of The Deranged II” anthology as well as “Dancing With Rip” a film about the infamous South Central Serial Killer.

Twitter: @Jamescullenb

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Review Of “found.” 2012

“found.” is Scott Schirmer’s dark caveat to what could arguably be the true meaning of horror starring Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck, Phyllis Munro, Louie Lawless and Alex Kogin. The film follows a young boy who’s life is abruptly altered when he discovers his older brother is a budding serial killer. The story delves deep into the nuances of family dynamic like nothing I have ever seen before. Marty is a boy transitioning into his own only to have to deal with bullying, loss of familiarity and the complete and utterly disturbing degradation  of family stability. “found.” is so much more than a horror story, it is a visual ode to a very deep and personal problem lying unmentioned, ignored or unnoticed within our world of paved pathways that guide us along our daily destinations dotted by manicured lawns and cookie-cutter homes. That problem which Schirmer brutally forces us to notice is the complete and utter break down of family cohesion. That one aspect of life that for many of us is an assumed respite, a place of safety and comfort-home, viciously ripped away to expose a darkness that in this film is unequivocally the birth of evil.

found.The story plays with you completely from the very beginning. It grabs at your emotional center and squeezes slowly but firmly all the while pushing you to the very edge of tense anguish as felt through the eyes and mind of a child. “found” has done something that so few movies are capable of, it made me reevaluate how I define horror. The characters are so modest and honest that you relate to them in a truly gripping way. It exposes the twisted nature of misguided youth forced to face life with very few answers and nearly absent representation. Then simultaneously placing you head first into racism and bullying. But wait, as if that wasn’t enough to make this well defined nightmare affective there is an added element that forces you as a viewer to test your limit of what is acceptable horror. It is a question that people have argued for quite some time- are horror films warping young people? This is truly the first time that I have seen that subject matter carefully and poignantly dealt with in the horror industry in such an honest manner while taking you into some of the most sickest and twisted areas of shock/horror cinema.

In my opinion this is truly a masterful tale of terror that carries a deeper message that needs to be addressed, and manages to do so in a fresh and exciting way. It carries all the emotion of surrealistic art film, complete brutality and gore of a horror film in the most systematically harmonious ways imaginable. There is an element of truth that this story pulsates from that creates an atmosphere so haunting and tragic. The film is held together by a chilling soundtrack that allows the story with all it’s components to flow seamlessly. Quite frankly I hope more people than just the horror community experiences this film because although the visuals are graphic the heart of the drama is one that needs to be exposed because the true nightmare of this film is the fact that it could very well be happening in your neighborhood or more disturbingly in your very home. I recommend that everyone who comes across this film-watch it! It is just that powerful. A truly terrifying look into the mouth of madness is what you get with “found.”

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Death May Be Peaceful But Ahtanum Is Not!

“Ahtanum” flashes the tagline “Death Is Peaceful” in this teaser for Ligh Productions new slasher film but one thing it does prove is that dying in Ahtanum is not. With an eerie blue grass theme song playing as the trailer teases the nightmares to unfold on the college kids weekend retreat the atmosphere of this film seems as dark and chilling as it is classic and serial. The film is directed by Cliff Goldsmith and based on this teaser I am sold. If the film turns out half as good then “Ahtanum” may just be the Indie hot spot.

It all begins with a secret, one that has been kept hidden in the woods of Central Washington for decades… an unsuspecting group of college students gather for a weekend party and festivities when the group begins disappearing one by one. What’s even more terrifying is the revelation behind it.

Currently “Ahtanum” is running a campaign at Indiegogo. Plus check in with the movie website and the Facebook Page to stay up on this one.

Notes From The Shadow City Poetry Collection

Book Worth Reading:

front_medOn September 18th Dark Regions will release a new poetry collection from famed poets Bruce Boston and Gary William Crawford. Crawford is also a renowned author. This collection has been called a “look into a bleak distopia” and a “terrifying landscape of tragedy and tyranny. Check it out at Dark Regions.

Get Ready To Enter The Horror House!

horror house
“Horror House” is an Indie horror anthology from Writer/Producer Kerry Marlowe and Director Evan Marlowe, the makers of Blood Rush, come five short stories:

Never Let Go
Sarah's pregnancy had been smooth sailing, until a decision she made long ago comes back to haunt her.
Be Careful What You Wish For
Anna turns to the dark side for help in this noir thriller.
Some would say Helen loves her doll a little too much. Mom just might have to teach her a lesson.
Hot Stuff
Andy thinks he's too good for the average girl, until one night he picks up the wrong girl.
The Leapling
Everyone told Ben monsters were just make-believe. The problem is someone forgot to tell the monster.

The anthology stars Lloyd Kaufman, creator of The Toxic Avenger, and Kerry Finlayson, Kaden Graves, Lauren Lakis, Alyssa & Katelyn Hunter, Catharina Widell, Abbey Anderson, Zachary Haven, Lisa Goodman, Elain Rinehart, Alex Sanborn, Helen Soraya  and David Alan Graf.  Check out the teaser trailer and then jump over to the Facebook Page.

Check Out The Teaser For “Fever/Fiever”

feverThe teaser trailer has come out for French horror film “Fever/Fiever”.  Directed by Romain Basset and starring Catriona MacColl (Lucio Fulci's muse), Franco-Australian revelation Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux, famous English singer and actor Murray Head (Say It Ain't So, One Night In Bangkok), French model and actor Fu'ad Aït Aattou (The Last Mistress) and the French horror icon Philippe Nahon (I Stand Alone, High Tension). This is an English speaking French film that is aimed at an international audience. French cinema is always acclaimed it seems but the horror genre in France is somewhat over shadowed by the Italian counterpart. Hopefully this film with change that because there is a thriving community of horror fans in the country. Check out the teaser trailer and see if you will catch the fever- sorry couldn’t resist!

“Jessica has never dreamed of his life but made regular nightmares whose meaning eludes him. This peculiarity has led her to pursue specialized studies in psychophysiology of dreams and begin therapy with Sean, his mentor and boyfriend, trying to understand its origins.

Following the death of his maternal grandmother she very little known, Jessica must return to heart against the family home.Upon arrival, she discovers that her late grandmother rest in the room adjoining hers during the wake …

After a rough first night by a strange nightmare in which she meets her grandmother died, Jessica suddenly takes ill. Bedridden with high fevers, the young woman decides to use his lethargy to experience lucid dreaming and so try to take control of his nightmares. Therefore, on the advice of Sean, Jessica is a breath of ether whenever a crisis arises to sink deeper into the other world.
Jessica will then begin to evolve into a nightmarish world and developing some just its ability to lucid dream, it will conduct an investigation to discover the evil that haunts and eats the family home …”

My Review Of The Eyeball Collector By F.E. Higgins

the eyeball collectorThe Eyeball Collector was a discount read. I found it in one of my local retail chains very cheap so I bought it. Mostly because of the title and the cool design of the book cover. I had never heard of this series and after reading it discovered it was part of a preteen novel series aimed at getting young boys to read. Here is something I have learned over the years, A good story is a good story. Don’t let marketing get in the way of reading something with pre-conceived notions that it is not relatable. I have enjoyed many a book that is aimed at younger audiences. The Eyeball Collector is a good story. It is a period story that takes place in a time of powdered wigs, decadence, and a strong division between those who have and those who have not. F.E. Higgins somehow manages to weave stories that feel almost familiar and yet new and wondrous at the same time. This is part of a young adventure series but I can guarantee after reading this book that you do not have to have read earlier novels or be familiar with the author to enjoy this book.

The Eyeball Collector is a steady journey from a simple life of leisure as enjoyed by aristocratic families into a moderate spiral into chaos and re-adjustment for a young boy after the death of his father due to a blackmailer. The characters are defined enough that you can feel invested in them but do not go as deep into their character nature as an adult novel would but that is intended to keep the attention of the younger reader. However there is enough here that the characters come alive with intrigue and mystery. It is a period book as I said earlier so if you don’t know or care for the nuances of a time before modern conveniences then you may not relate to this story. However if anything from the periods of Sherlock Holmes back to the time of Powdered wigs are part of your weekly reading or viewing pleasure then this novel will suit you well. The story is simple yet entertaining with mild dramatic points that are comparable to a family approved rating so there are no salacious or crude material with the pages. It is a journey of a boy who starts out to seek revenge but along the way finds a better way to deal with his new circumstances and reaches a goal of resolution with positive outcomes. The Eyeball Collector tells a fascinating story of a time when things seemed almost mystical and truly fanciful. I would not have set out to read the book knowing the principles for which it was written but having read the book I found it a pleasurable fast read that was well worth my two dollars.

My Review Of “The Screaming Skull” 1956

Screamingskull1956’s “The Screaming Skull” is a classic psychological thriller with a twist. Now the twist that leads to a big reveal of some nefarious scheme has been done to death but it was a new trick to story telling when this film was made. It is also a pretty well acted and directed film with Alex Nicol helming this project based on true events. The film stars Peggy Webber and John Hudson as a newly married couple, both coming from a tragic passed and trying to create a new safe and loving home for themselves. Co-starring are Russ Conway and Tony Johnson as the doting  best friends and spiritual advisors who try and help the young couple adjust to their new start in life. Making a big impression in this film is the director himself who plays Mickey, the grounds keeper/ gardener and best friend to the departed first wife of John Hudson.

The film begins with the classic set up of “sunshine” – “blue skies” opening but quickly grows dark into a haunting comedy of psychological strain. Peggy Webber’s character soon feels that she is being haunted by the ghost of the dead spouse while also fighting an existing psychosis for which she was committed previously. Her husband tries to tell her that it is her imagination quickly followed by the blame being placed on Mickey. Then as it is revealed to Webber the true ordeal she faces with her new husband the nightmare becomes filled with suspense and panic.

“The Screaming Skull” had the marketing gimmick that is just brilliant. The promised to give free casket and funeral for anyone who died from fright while watching this film. Love it! Now by no means would this movie cause such a fright to todays audience but in 1956 maybe. It seemed people fainted at the slightest of things, swear words, drops of blood, or panties too tight. The film does have some pretty cool effects that became standard in Hollywood films of the time with ghosts, classic props and dark shadowy scenes of chase that give both visual and psychological build of intense suspense. The acting is above par for a B-movie and the story plays like a classic Hitchockian nightmare that is both intimate and easily conceived by the audience. Although the effects are basic and dated by todays standard they work in this film by giving some cool entertainment value to the melodrama that unfolds. For me this was one of the better executed hauntings with a twist that latter became solid entertainment with shows like ‘Thriller’ and ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’. A true late night classic that is perfect for the Halloween season or anytime you want to unwind to a classic B&W cinema treat.

“Battle Of The Damned” In Post Production

Battle_of_the_DamnedDolph Lundgren’s man against machine sci-fi film “Battle Of The Damned” has gone into post production and is scheduled for completion in 2013. The film finds a devastated human race fighting extinction against a super robotic hoard in a post apocalyptic world. This is a CGI based film but based on the VFX teaser that I have seen it should be a pretty action packed sci-fi film that will make any of the CGI fans or Syfy kids happy. Directed by Christopher Hatton and co starring  Matt Doran, Melanie Zanetti and David Field.

“Silent Night” 2012 In Post Production

silent nightSteven C. Miller’s re-telling of the classic slasher flick “Silent Night, Deadly Night” has entered post production. This new version of the horror that sees a psychopath creating scenes of terror while dressed in a Santa suit is one of my most anticipated reboots of a franchise. I have about five films that are being redone that I actually can’t wait to see. “Silent Night” 2012 stars Jaime King, Malcolm McDowell and Donal Logue. The plot follows the police force of a remote Midwestern town in search for a killer Santa Claus who is picking off citizens on Christmas Eve.

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Review Of “The She Beast” 1966

she-beastA word of warning to any Wiccan or Witch, “The She Beast” is a film that adheres to the very old world Catholic view of witches. That view is the same as in the silent film classic “Haxan”. That all witches were hideous she devils hidden away from society and only interested in communing with the devil and eating your children. However as a horror fan who is well aware that this is an out-dated offensive view toward anyone who practices the ancient art I love this representation of the witch as ultimate monster, frankly because it gets old seeing possible “lipstick lesbians” hanging out in coffee shops and celebrating themselves all over Nature’s good grace only victimized and forced to use magic in self defense. This “offensive” alternate look at the witch is far more fun and entertaining to watch on screen. Now for my review.

“The She Beast”  stars Barbara Steele and Ian Ogilvy as a couple of British subjects on a European honeymoon vacation arriving in Transylvania. The rest at a hotel in the cursed town that his keeper of a legend of nightmare. In the 18th century the villagers laid to rest a nasty witch after she had taken one too many of the town’s children. Unfortunately for them they did not wait for the Van Helsing family to properly exorcise the wretched creature so they live in the shadow of the deed that comes back to live again once more.

The film relies on minimal dialogue that actually leads you into the story, only highlights of what is happening are actually held up with commentary. Most of the conversation revolves around poking fun at old world superstitions, trivial ever day stuff and jabs at communism.  The film is super low budget and was only shot in 21 days which shows. There is a continuous flow as the plot twists and dialogue bounce from the four main characters that play a part in the witch’s resurrection that seems rushed and careless. However the onscreen action that unfolds in this classic B movie is fun as hell and the witch is truly a sight to see. Sadly she is not really as gruesome as one would hope, shown more like a wild animal that keeps getting loose instead of a planned revenge with system. Barbara Steele is classic Barbara in the film which truly is the saving grace of this little film. The sound and film quality are not all that great but for me gave that drive in B movie feel that just added to my experience of watching this one. I definitely see myself enjoying it over and over again just for the fun of it. Oh and because it is Barbara Steele. I just luv her!

Check Out The Trailer For “TikTik: The Aswang Chronicles”

tiktik“TikTik: The Aswang Chronicles” stars Dingdong Dantes, Lovi Poe, Joey Marquez, Janice De Belen, Ramon Bautista, Roi Vinzon, LJ Reyes, Mike Gayoso and Rina Reyes. The film comes from the Philippines and is directed by Erik Matti. Check out the Website and Facebook Page for more info.

With dark shades on and a burning cigarette between his lips, Makoy (Dingdong Dantes) will do whatever it takes to get back his girlfriend Sonia (Lovi Poe), who's pregnant with their child. He makes the trip to remote Pulupandan, her hometown, and is quickly rebuffed by Sonia's mother Fely (Janice de Belen). But Makoy has never been one to give up. With the help of Sonia's father Nestor (Joey Marquez) and his ever-dependable helper Bart (Ramon Bautista), Makoy stays in town to surprise Sonia on her birthday. But alas, Makoy gets into trouble with a group of townsfolk who transform into tiktik—horrific, man-eating creatures with a taste for fetuses that are still in the womb! They are angry, and they are hungry for revenge. Will their thirst for blood and retribution be quenched? Will Makoy finally get his act together, protect Sonia and their baby, and once and for all prove himself worthy of their love? Who will win in the battle between men and monsters?

Check Out “The Child”

the child“The Child/ Das Kind “ by Zsolt Bacs is a German film. The film has an English trailer located at Stealth Media . It will be hitting worldwide soon. It stars Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables), Ben Becker (Comedian Harminists, Gloomy Sunday, Sass), Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction, The Mask), Sunny Mabrey (Snakes on a Plane, xXx 2: The Next Level, The New Guy), Christian Traeumer and Dieter Hallervorden. Below is a German trailer for the film.

When Robert Stern agreed to this unusual meeting, he didn’t know that he was making a date with death. Even less did he know that death would come into his life on a godforsaken industrial estate, measuring about 4ft 5ins, wearing trainers and smiling.
It is as though someone hit defence lawyer Robert Stern over the head when he sees who the mysterious client is whom he is to meet on this remote and derelict industrial estate: Simon, a ten-year old boy, fragile, terminally ill – and firmly convinced that in a former life he was a murderer. But Robert Stern’s mystification turns into horror and bewilderment, when in the cellar Simon has described he actually finds human remains: a skeleton, its skull split with an axe. And this is only the beginning. For not only does Simon tell him about other victims from years ago, but the present soon becomes murderous, too…”

Check Out The Teaser For Short Film “Blue Hole”

blue hole

Directed by Erik Gardner.
Michael takes his fiancée Amy deep within the Pine Barrens of New Jersey to a vacation cabin where he plans to propose to her. Upon arriving, they’re attacked by a madman who claims an eerie pond near the cabin called “Blue Hole” can bring back the dead.

Reality mixes with illusion as we try to figure out if Blue Hole is real or if our madman is truly insane.

BLUE HOLE - Teaser from Erik Gardner on Vimeo.

New Poster For “The Collection”

Check out the new artwork for “The Collection”. The movie stars Josh Stewart, Lee Tergesen, Christopher McDonald, Johnny Yong Bosch, Emma Fitzpatrick, Shannon Kane, Tim Griffin, William Peltz, Eaddy Mays, Michael Nardelli, Justin Mortelliti, Michael H. Cole, Arloa Reston and Courtney Lauren Cumming, directed by Marcus Dunstan “The Collection” can be seen in theatres this November 30th.

When Elena’s (Emma Fitzpatrick) friends take her to a secret party at an undisclosed location, she never imagined she would become the latest victim of The Collector, a psychopathic killer. The Collector kidnaps and transports her to an abandoned hotel he’s transformed into his own private maze of torture and death. Upon learning of his daughter’s disappearance, Elena’s wealthy father (Christopher McDonald) hires a group of mercenaries to retrieve her from the vicious grips of The Collector. These mercenaries coerce Arkin (Josh Stewart), the only man to have escaped the wrath of this heinous monster, to lead them through the gruesome labyrinth. Now, Arkin finds himself fighting for his own life in order to save Elena”.

the collection

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In The World Of Spirits: The Graveyard

Tonight’s trip into the world of spirits we will venture into the Graveyard. This drink recipe is one I found on line and I think it fits my new ‘In The World Of Spirits’ section of Daily Life Posts quite well. It is however modified as I tend to do with drink recipes.
1/2 oz Triple Sec
1/2 oz Vodka
1/2 oz Tequila
1/2 oz Rum
1/2 oz Bourbon
Dark Lager and Light Ale

Pour each of the liquors into a tall beer glass then finish off with equal parts light and dark beer. Enjoy and a word of caution. Just as the website I got this from warned me I must now warn you. If your not a real drinker stay away from this drink. You could find yourself in the graveyard!

“Night Of The Blood Beast” Full Movie

NightofthebloodbeastIt has been awhile since I have added a horror movie classic so check out this vintage tale of terror “Night Of The Blood Beast” courtesy of B-Cinema.TV.

An astronaut returns from space dead. The base that recovered him is then cut off from the outside world by an alien. The revival of the dead astronaut, the death of a scientist, and the discovery of alien embryos inside the resurrected astronaut's body bodes ill for the survival of those trapped at the base and the rest of humanity.

Check Out The Trailer For Brazilian Horror “Pandemonia”

pandamoniaJasmin, a naive girl, takes her two best friends, Juliana and Isabela, for a weekend in a cottage, a house that was owned by her late aunt Helena. In the midst of drinking and confessions, Juliana finds an old trunk in the attic and inadvertently opens it: inside it, the girls discover a strange ancient book, a grimoire, containing rituals and potions that allow the living to make contact with the realm of the dead.

When they decide to read it, the three friends start a journey into the unknown, whose consequences will prove especially perverse for one of them. Strange things start to happen, and the fun weekend turns into a nightmare. Juliana never will be the same.

“Pandemonia” is directed by Daniel Moreno and stars Jessica Drago, Scheila Foltran, Tame Louise, Mila Tiso and Natalia Vidal. Check out the trailer below.

Check Out “Before 12”

photo-fullThe story follows Rose and Jess, two high school kids who decide to go on their first date. With a distant mother and missing father Jess keeps to himself and a few friends. Rose on the other hand is changing; her body is going through a slow torture that her parents say is normal. She is conflicted by the mixed messages she is receiving from her friends about the weakness of the men in
her life. Despite this Rose pursues Jess, weather she wants to or not.
In this reversal of the Red Riding Hood tale the themes and metaphors deal with militant feminism meeting the unfocused stupefied version of manhood. Masculinity in any capacity is out of style, females still hold the past against men and continue to resent them for there attempt to be more feminine. Somehow in all of this Rose and Jess find themselves caring for each other, but forced to view one another as enemies due to their differences. Elements of love, fear, tragedy, parenting and what it means to have your first crush are all tied together into this psychological sucker punch that twists into a genre-bending finale.
Directed by Sandy Stoltz and starring Chris Miller, Cheyenne Saxton and Ruby Sketchley “Before 12” is currently seeking funding over at Kickstarter!


Kinsmen By Bill Pronzini

Book Worth Reading:

Orbik_reshoot, 6/13/12, 10:20 AM,  8C, 5242x8153 (2650+2161), 138%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/40 s, R83.7, G76.5, B96.0<br />About the Book:
Allison Shay was traveling home from the University of Oregon with her new boyfriend, Rob Compton, when their car broke down near the tiny rural town of Creekside, California. Soon after, Allison and Rob went missing without a trace.
Whatever happened, it felt like something bad to the Nameless Detective. Five days without a whisper of contact with the outside world. Long past the inconsiderate-kids stage; long past the silly and the harmless. Kinsmen takes Bill Pronzini's classic private investigator to California's northeast backwoods, where an isolated community is determined to keep a deep, dark secret: why Allison Shay and Rob Compton really vanished.
The real question facing the Nameless Detective: are they still alive?
check it out here

First Teaser For “Aftershock” Hits The Internet

aftershock 2
Director Nicolas Lopez’s upcoming thriller “Aftershock” which stars Indie Horror god Eli Roth has given us our first teaser. The film releases in 2013 and pits survivors of one of the worst natural disaster events ever against the ensuing mayhem.


Official Poster For “The Walking Dead” Season 3 Released

Check out the official poster for the third season of “The Walking Dead”. Returning to us all this Oct. 14th the new season has the group facing separation anxiety, madman ruling a false utopian community and a prison filled with those nasty walkers. Making us all wonder is there really any humanity left to fight for!!!

Check Out The Trailer For “Ghost Sweepers”

news070912-1pic'Ghost Sweepers' co-stars Kim Soo-Ro, Lee Je-Hoon, Woori, Yang Kyeong-Mo, and Kwak Byeong-Gyoo. The film opens across South Korea on the 3rd October, 2012. The horror comedy follows Chan-young, a young journalist, sent to cover a story when all the top shamans from nationwide gather up for a grand exorcism at a small village notorious for dark rumors about an evil spirit. They barely manage to even enter the village for this evil spirit is unlike anything anyone has seen so far. The group of shamans begins their grand ritual, but with the strange eerie force that dominates the entire village and repeated attacks by the spirit, most of the shamans run for their lives. Only five best shamans remain along with Chan-young. So the six begin to explore the dark secrets of the village while preparing for the biggest battle against the evil forces.

Satanic Sundays: This Is A Unholy Trinity Day!

images_thumb[2][2]This week for Satanic Sundays instead choosing six fun sin filled movies to satiate your satanic thirst I have decided to dedicate this post to the power of three! A box set and in this case it is truly an unholy trinity feast-ival! So today why not enjoy this black sabbath of an occasion with these three truly terrible but cheesy good fun flicks that are sure to entertain and yes offend todays modern universal practitioner of these fine old world arts. Today I have chosen The Witchouse Trilogy that focuses on the evil presences of that nasty of witches, Miss Lilith LeFay. These low budget cheesy tales come from one of my favorite studios both in childhood and today- Full Moon.

1. Witchouse (1999)
Lilith LeFay condemned to burn for being a witch is avenged by her ancestor who gathers the descendants of those who sentenced the witch to her fate in order pay back the blood debt. It is a fun and classic low budget ride into horrors that brings the elements of a scary location that you just want to live in with the ever necessary production of demonically possessed partiers used as puppets by evil witches. The story is cool but the delivery is tacky and filled with bad acting. For me it just adds a fun element that makes me want to play a drinking game when I watch this movie. Take a shot every time you recognize a bad line. You will get drunk! This is a cool Halloween movie for those of us you like this style of horror for all it’s cheesy gory fun!

2. Witchouse 2: Blood Coven (2000)
In part two of the Witchouse trilogy Lilith is resurrected by a team of forensic scientist sent to identify and properly replace the remains from an unmarked burial located at the old Witch house in Covington County. Unfortunately for them Lilith manages to infect the lead researcher through genetic means and sets out to create a scene of truly criminal intensity. She systematically takes out the staff causing them to turn to those fun unloving demonic minions causing murder and mayhem. This is only slightly less cheesy than the first film but the set up and ride this film takes you on is just as fun as the first film.

3. Witchouse 3: Demon Fire (2001)
In part three, the final nightmare of this unholy trilogy Lilith’s wrath is felt once more only this time it is jealousy and revenge that brings here back. Two young documentarians decide to make a debunking film on the ancient practice just as on friend comes back to them fleeing from an abusive husband. Things are not as they seem in this final flick. Shot through both stationary camera and video scenes that blend the two mediums somewhat seamlessly this film is super low budget but very entertaining in it’s total cheese fest acting and dialogue. Worse than the second but almost equal to the quality of the first. The story hear those is a cool little “you reap what you sow” story that I found fun to see play out.

images (1)[5][3][5]You may not like these films or any Full Moon stuff for that matter but for me I take all movies based solely on my expectations for that film. I don’t set out to see Oscar performances on these kinds of film. I choose to watch them for there fun, cheesy, tongue-in-cheek value.  Much like horror should be, under produced and organic but entertaining. Plus demon-witches are just plain fun on film even if they are offensive to the true nature of witchcraft in modern society.


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