Thursday, September 3, 2015

Luke Brady's Slasher Series Follow Up To "Young, High & Dead"

Luke Brady, writer and director of "Young, High & Dead", has returned with a slasher web series to follow up his acclaimed feature debut. "The Highridge Massacre" is a slasher web series that is set to push the envelope of modern horror. Brady promises buckets of blood, heavy exploitation / gore, completely X-rated and 100% NSFW! Now that has my attention unequivocally.Right now there is a crowd funding campaign underway for 'The Highridge Massacre' over on Kickstarter.

BETH and her so called friends head to Highridge Woods for a debauched weekend but after an altercation upon the group’s arrival, things spiral out of control when they cross the path of the Venner's. A savage family of tattooed gypsies who cut, burn, and dismember their victims leaving a trail of blood and carnage wherever they go. 
As the Venners maim and kill, Beth's medication wears off and she starts to join in the killing spree. Suddenly the Venners have a problem on their hands, the hunters become the hunted and Beth begins to wreak havoc amongst friend and foe.

You can read my review of Luke Brady's "Young, High & Dead" here: . Luke Brady was kind enough to answer a few questions about 'The Highridge Massacre' . You can read our interview below and don't forget to go check out the Kickstarter campaign for the horror web series. Also if you haven't seen "Young, High & Dead" yet I suggest you go check it out as well! 

ASOUTHERNLIFE: Where did you get the idea for The Highridge Massacre? 
LUKE BRADY: Lot's of people kept asking me if there would be a sequel to Young, High and Dead so I started playing around with different idea's to expand the story. It was at this time that Graeme from got in touch, he had sent me a novella horror he had written which I loved so I asked him if he wanted to collaborate and co-write my next feature film, thankfully he said yes. We spent several months coming up with idea's for brutal death scenes, sub plots and the characters. We then re-drafted the story until we ended up with 100 pages of script and called it The Highridge Massacre.

ASOUTHERNLIFE: What made you choose to do the story as a web series instead of a feature film follow-up?
LUKE BRADY: The distribution landscape has changed so much in recent years, it's becoming extremely difficult for filmmakers to finance anything, regardless of genre, so I wanted The Highridge Massacre to be a multi platform project that used different tools to tell the story. Last year ran a #6secondscare competition for budding filmmakers all over the world, I thought this was a great opportunity to test out Highridge and see if audiences liked the characters or style of work we had created, so in one week I took an extract from the script, did a casting call, storyboarded and prepped a one day, then posted the clip online. It didn't win the competition but afterwards Fear The Crypt got in touch and said they really liked what I had done and asked me if I wanted to make a web series for their online CryptTV channel. I then tailored the project to fit into a web series which I am currently running a kickstarter campaign for so I am really hoping we meet our target and get to make Highridge come to life, it's an all or nothing fundraiser, which means we only are successful if we hit 100% of the money (£2500 GBP).

ASOUTHERNLIFE: What separates The Highridge Massacre from other horror series that fans will really dig?
LUKE BRADY: The episodes are like x-rated commercial ad breaks and are only 30 seconds in duration, so the violence and horror comes really thick and fast which will definitely be unique for a web series. There won't be any slow character building or faux tension, from the second the series starts we unleash the carnage. But I think the main attraction will be the hero character Beth, she is nothing like your typical female in a horror film. She's not weak or vulnerable, she's not a pathetic bookworm or a ditzy cheerleader, she doesn't seek revenge after getting raped. Beth is a closet psychopath who ends up in a situation where her and her friends are been hunted but when all hell breaks loose the opportunity for her to go on a killing spree becomes a dream come true. The Highridge Massacre shows you what happens when a family of tattooed serial killer gypsies pick on the wrong girl!

ASOUTHERNLIFE: You promise X-rated and NSFW full on horror gore in the series, what can we expect to see in The Highridge Massacre, it sounds like you are pushing the envelop a bit, we talking Lars Von Trier?
LUKE BRADY: Normally I wouldn't want to give away spoilers but we do have teeth getting pulled out, hands and heads getting sawed off, shotguns being fired, stabbings, burning flesh, skin getting chewed, barb wire, one eyed twins, spitting, torture, punching, head butting, a screw driver in an eye. headless rape, brains exploding, a dungeon, tattoos and if we go over our kickstarter campaign target we will be including a two headed feral beast that is half human! No CGI all real SFX and gallons of blood, all packed into 10 x 30 second episodes. So not quite Lars Von Trier.

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