Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chad Ferrin's "Unspeakable" Movie

James and Alice Fhelleps struggle through their exhausted marriage. Amidst middle-class complacency, the only joy in Jim's life is his beloved daughter, Heather. One night Jim's life is completely devastated by a cataclysmic car accident. From the wreckage, following a terrible collision, Jim is left cradling the bloody, broken body of his daughter. Heather is dead and his wife Alice is confined to a wheelchair vulnerable to the corrupted sexual desires of her caretaker.
Tortured by hallucinations, Jim's inward flight reverses into an explosion of violence. He strikes back at the world with uninhibited fury. Armed with a straight razor, he turns the streets to blood, slicing his way through the urban decay. Jim's victims are as varied and myriad as the city's citizens from whores to fraudulent religious leaders. His quest into the realm of violence and death brings him closer to his deceased daughter. She speaks to him through his bloody straight razor, begging for resurrection. But will it really happen? The truth is Unspeakable. Unspeakably fierce, unspeakably shocking, and virtually unforgettable, Unspeakable is a stunning Tromasterpiece.

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