Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Review Of Horror Short "Tailypo"

Okay, I have to be honest and up front. I feel stupid! I was born and raised in North Georgia- total boondocks baby. I have lived in Appalachia my whole life, I now live in S.E. KY, and yet I have never heard of the Tailypo, or if I ever had I forgot too long ago to even glimpse a memory of this cryptid. And I freakin' feed off this shit! Always have enjoyed good creature horror stories about mythic and legendary creatures that lurk in the shadows just beyond man's reach. So I am pretty stoked about learning something new and having a new beastie to obsess over getting me at night while I drink and sit by my bonfires!

"Tailypo" is a horror short by Cameron McCasland that brings this creature of the night to life in awesome, "Tales From The Crypt" style. And I should add that he kept his creature design true to the descriptions that permeate the myths surrounding the Tailypo. The short film stars David Chattam, The creature is played by Joseph Aguon Drake, and Jasper (the dog) is played by Ranger. The story revolves around a man who lives in the woods in a cabin who goes out hunting with is best friend- his dog. They spot something, take aim and collect the tail of the creature they shot. After returning home and cooking their meal, the creature returns for its tail! 

The story is a fun, light-hearted and classic tale with a total 80's horror feel. It is a straight forward telling of the Tailypo legend of a hunter and his dogs encounter with the creature while hunting. The acting is tight with a blend of folksy charm and horror cheese. The kind you want in these. I could really see "Tailypo" as a piece in a horror anthology, actually it gave me the same vibe as when watching "Tales From The Crypt" and "Creepshow". The production value is tight, the sound quality and music is quality and really sets the tone of McCasland's vision. The real highlight for me personally was the creature. It appeared to be 100 percent practical with a blend of costume and puppetry work. Very reminiscent of "Ghoulies" and "Critters" techniques. "Tailypo" really is a fun, creature feature horror short. If you get a chance check it out!

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