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The Trouble With Dan: My Interview With “Axeman 2” Actor Peter Stickles

Peter SticklesMy first introduction into Peter Stickles was 2006’s “Cemetery Gates” then when I bought 2011’s “Evil Bong3: The Wrath Of Bong” and “Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver”. I am obsessed with Full Moon Horror’s films. The films are cheesy fun with a complete celebration of more modern “classic” horror. Stickles characters were a show of complete emersion into the story and a genuine love for acting. Something that really shined bright in 2013’s “The Trouble With Barry”. I loved that that film and Peter’s embrace of the character Barry was memorable.

Not all of Peter Stickles material is campy, shtick or amusing in a fun way. He can be a very intimidating personality on screen. Playing darker characters both gothic and contemporary. Usually when I find an actor that stimulates me both with their piercing looks and acting abilities I will go back and collect past works, and Peter Stickles has an impressive body of work in the horror genre starting back in 2006 with “Meat Weed Madness”- a 420 movie staple. However it is his character in Joston Theney’s sequel to “The Axeman At Cutter’s Creek” that has me standing at attention at the moment. The film is one that I am eager to see, Theney’s mythos of the Axeman is one that I look forward to seeing revealed in this trilogy.

Peter plays ‘Dan’ in “Axeman 2: Overkill”. He is part of the new ensemble of “meat” that joins some original cast members for this heavy slayage slasher flick. Who can say how long Dan makes it in this nightmare tale, carnage is king in horror and in this case “Dan may not be the man” but one think is for sure, Stickles attributes will prevail both in character and career. Here is my interview with the very hot and very talented Peter Stickles about his role in “Axeman 2: Overkill”:

A Southern Life:  You play Dan in “Axeman 2”, tell me a bit about the character?
Peter Stickles: Dan is misunderstood.  Dan is good-natured… but Dan is kind of a p*ssy.  And I mean that in the the kindest way!  He’d rub your head as you fell asleep, and tell you everything will be ok, but lets just say I wouldn’t want him in my gang when the zombie apocalypse starts!

A Southern Life: Were you familiar with the franchise before auditioning for 2?
Peter Stickles: Yes, I know one of the other actors from Axeman!  I called her up when I got the part.  I guess I was kinda looking for advice.  She was like “yeah, you gotta do it!  You’ll have a blast!”  And she was right!

PS2A Southern Life: What do you relate to most with your character, and what do you relate to least?
Peter Stickles: I think the thing I relate most to Dan is his level-headedness.  When you are watching a horror movie and you are yelling at a character “are you crazy!?  Don’t open the door!!” - well, Dan is that guy.  He wouldn’t do anything stupid when it comes to tracking down the killer.  I guess I’d say he has good instincts.  What do I relate to the least?!  Well, I ain’t no p*ssy!

A Southern Life: How does Dan stack up next to the Axeman, does he have that "final guy" quality?
Peter Stickles: (sigh), unfortunately Dan does not have the final guy quality.  He has the brains, but not the brawn.  He might be able to outsmart the Axeman, but that can only get him so far...

A Southern Life: What is your favorite horror film, director, and final girl/guy of the past?
Peter Stickles: My favorite movie of all time is Jaws.  Its a perfect movie in my eyes.  My favorite director is Alexandre Aja.  He style is so gritty and uncompromising.  And my favorite final girl is Ripley.  I don’t have a favorite final guy.  I like my horror movies having final girls.  But if I had to pick, I would choose Chief Brody.

A Southern Life: When did you first realize that you wanted to be an actor?
Peter Stickles: I have always wanted to be an actor.  Since I was a little kid.  I remember staring at the VHS box covers at my local video rental store (the horror section, mostly) and dreaming of being in the movies I was looking at.  It wasn’t a question for me.  I'm glad I can look back and tell my ten-year-old self that I am in AXEMAN 2!

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