Friday, January 17, 2014

“Autumn Moon” Puts The Horror Back In The Werewolf

autumn moonFew films recently have adhered to the classic horrifying look of the 80’s styled werewolf made popular in “The Howling” films and later in “Dog Soldiers”. A lot of films choose the shape-shifter ‘wolf’ concept or wolf mutant hybrid. And then there are those who CGI it all until the wolf is more cartoonish and far from scary. Well Skylar Phoenix Productions is putting the horror back in the werewolf with their new film “Autumn Moon”. Check out the intensely terrifying look of the werewolf and special effects to be utilized in the film.

The werewolf make-up effects will be created by Fabert’s Makeup EFX Studio.  The Director of Photography is Terrance Huff and Philip Jones will be handling the film’s sound design. Fabert stated to Horror Society that he hopes “Autumn Moon” will be “the most violent werewolf movie ever made.” He went own to say that “[the film]will not feature the same cheesy CGI werewolves that you have come to expect from other werewolf films of late, this will be an old school monster movie where the beast is an actor in a werewolf suit.”

Also I should note that Horror Society mentions that a promo video will be ready that will show the opening werewolf attack scene later that will be used on with a crowd funding campaign to help raise funds for "Autumn Moon".

“Autumn Moon” is directed by Randy Fabert and stars Bill Oberst Jr.(Children of Sorrow, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies), Lynn Lowry (Shivers, Cat People), Timothy Waldrip (Kiss of the Vampire, 21 Jump Street), Joe Kidd (That’s What She Said),  Nathaniel Grauwelman (Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies), Iabou Windimere (Psycho Killer, Sidney), Jocelyn Tanis (The Medal), Larry Combs,  Gerri Sutyak (Buffy the Vampire Slayer),  Sonny Burnette (Zombies R Friends), Richard Aughpin (Dragoon, Sidney), and Randy Fabert (Psycho Killer).

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