Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Get Ready For The Return of Dark Resurrection

Filming has wrapped on “Dark Resurrection: Keepers of the Force”. The project is the final chapter of the sci-fi saga loosely based on Star Wars, written and directed by Angelo Licata. The first film, released in 2007, surprised the world and has received compliments from Lucasfilm.

Driven by the success of the prequel Dark Resurrection Vol.0, which has generated millions of views on YouTube, and thanks to the donations from fans from all over the world, it has been possible to produce a concluding chapter with a narrative arc so ambitious to make necessary the division of the project in two parts: an illustrated novel and a trailer which conceptually is not dissimilar from a short movie.

"It's the most spectacular thing I've ever done," said actor Michael Segal, who plays evil Lord Drown in the movie. Unlike most of our local productions, the action scenes were filmed using cables and special
effects that allowed actors to perform stunts worthy of the latest Marvel films. Actor and stunt-man Daniele Balconi, who is also responsible for all the acrobatic scenes and combat choreography in the film, plays the hero Dan Lee. Actress and model Olga Shapoval is Ruya, a character that could be described as a female Han Solo. The young Lorenza Testa is Sabine. Veteran actors of the saga joined the cast: Giuseppe Licata (Sorran), Maurizio Zuppa (Zui Mar) and Grazia Ogulin (Nemer), as well as numerous extras from all over Italy. Filming took place in Carmagnola at Ouvert Studios.

"The desire to improve the quality of previous work was very strong," says Angelo Licata, "so I worked for a long time on pre-visualisation, developing the animation of the entire trailer to understand which shots were really necessary. In the meantime, I've put together an incredible and talented team. Some of them were a real surprise and could work in the most important international productions. In the last few years I have worked on many other
movies sets, but Dark Resurrection remains my first love. The air you breathe on the set is different, people work only out of passion, you can feel the fire of art in each of them, a bit like the "Force" of Star Wars, it crosses, it keeps us united, it binds us."

Almost everyone in the crew was a professional that joined the project without any expectation of compensation – everyone has done it for the love of moviemaking and for the desire of experimenting with a genre that has not been produced in Italy for a long time.
The directors of photography are two young talents, Riccardo Antonino and Luca Facheris.

Andrea Navicella is the first operator. The costumes were made by Giulia Danese and the set design is by Morena Trevisol. Special makeup effects are by Mila Mirenghi. The assistant director is Mattia Stancanelli. Weapons were made by propmaker Roby Rani, swords were created by Skyforge. Piero Bockos, Andrea Zanichelli and Luigi Bellucci of the 501st Italica garrison contributed with props and armors, while Robin Studio, a production company
based in Turin, contributed with its technical support. Production assistants were students of the Cinema Engineering Course in the Polytechnic University of Turin. Production has been managed by Riviera Film, Angelo Giampietro’s cultural association which has supported the
saga since 2007. It will take several months to be able to view the final product, but as all previous episodes it will be completely free.

IFC Acquires Frat Horror 'Pledge"

IFC has acquired distribution rights to frat house horror "Pledge". The film, directed by Daniel Robbins is slated for January 2019 release. It stars Zachery Byrd, Zachary Weiner, Aaron Dalla Villa, Phillip Andre Botello, Cameron Cowperthwaite, Jesse Pimentel, Joe Gallagher, Erica Boozer, and Jean-Louis Droulers.

Three nerdy college freshmen, who have been rejected and ridiculed by just about every fraternity on campus, are invited to an off-campus to a party at a secluded mansion.  There they treated like princes by the resident brothers and the party is everything they dreamed college would be—beautiful women, drinking, and most importantly, a cool group of guys willing to accept them as one of their own. When the friends are presented with an opportunity to pledge the elite social club, they accept without hesitation. However, as the gruesome, dehumanizing hazing progresses begins, a more sinister picture of the frat emerges.

"Johnny Gruesome" Seeks Vengeance On VOD Today

Johnny Gruesome grants y’all a death wish this fall.

This October, Johnny Grissom returns for revenge.

High school students Eric Carter and Johnny Grissom are best friends. Johnny is a heavy metal rebel nicknamed "Johnny Gruesome" by his classmates. When Johnny is murdered while on a drunken joyride, his killer persuades Eric and Johnny's girlfriend to help him make the murder look like an accidental death. Johnny returns from the grave as a murderous, wisecracking zombie hell bent on revenge.

Based on the award-winning novel by Gregory Lamberson (Slime City, Killer Rack), who also directs, Johnny Gruesome stars Anthony De La Torre, Byron Brown II and Michael DeLorenzo.

From Uncork’d Entertainment, Johnny Gruesome on VOD today.

Read my review of "Johnny Gruesome" here: http://asouthernlifeinscandaloustimes.blogspot.com/2018/09/my-review-of-johnny-gruesome.html

Details Released For Stuart Brennan "Wolf"

First details have been released for Stuart Brennan's film "Wolf". The period thriller makes its way to the AFM November 1st and stars George McCLusky, Mark Paul Wake, and Adanna Oji alongside Brennan who also stars. 

The Romans are at war with the Picts. Hadrian’s Wall is the last outpost of the Roman frontier and a small group of male and female soldiers have left the safety of it to travel North, into Pict territory, searching for four missing men. As winter threatens and no sign of the men, the group prepare to turn home, when they encounter a beast that is hunting them.
With their lives in danger the Romans must either face the beast or turn and run. But can the hunted become the hunters, or will snow and fatigue plague their journey home?
The leader of the Romans admits to knowing there was a sickness that plagued the Pict lands and that the missing men, may well be the very beasts hunting them. Grackus (BAFTA winner Stuart Brennan) has been injured from their first encounter with the beasts and is starting to behave strangely. If it is the sickness, their journey home has just got a lot more difficult…
„Wolf“ is a fast paced action thriller, where no man or woman can be trusted and the beast that hunts them, will not stop until it is dead. Or you are.

Horror Anthology "Tales Of Frankenstein" Set To Premiere This Month

Horror anthology "Tales Of Frankenstein" will have it’s theatrical premiere October 24th in L.A. The film will be released on VOD and DVD on October 19th. It is directed by Donald F. Glut’and based on his short stories. "Tales Of Frankenstein" stars Mel Novak, Jerry Lacy, Ann Robinson, Jim Tavare, T.J. Storm, Len Wein, Beverly Washburn, John Blyth Barrymore, Douglas Tait, Robert Axelrod, and Jena Sims.

"My Creation, My Beloved,” (a deformed descendant of Victor Frankenstein creates the perfect man and woman), “Crawler from the Grave,” (another Frankenstein descendant’s disembodied, plague-infected arm returns from the grave for revenge), “Madhouse of Death” (a private detective winds up in an old dark house filled with loonies…and a gorilla) and “Dr. Karnstein’s Creation,” (a mad doctor creates a monster in vampire-haunted Transylvania – with gruesomely unexpected results).

Monday, October 15, 2018

Gore Whore "Who's Watching Oliver?" Now Streaming

"Who’s Watching Oliver", from writer-director Richie Moore  is now streaming on Amazon Prime and Hulu. The indie film stars Russell Geoffrey Banks and Sara Malakul Lane. It won several awards at various film festivals including 7 best picture awards.

"Who’s Watching Oliver" centers on a mentally unstable loner lost in a life forced upon him. By night Oliver aimlessly wanders the streets and bars on what can only be described as a truly shocking and humiliating killing spree. His only savior and a possibly his only way out of a life he is desperate to escape comes in the form of the beautiful Sophia with her sweet eccentricity and naivety to the danger she has put herself in.

'LAW OF PERDITION' TV Series Now Available On The Killer Movie Channel

SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that the chilling new TV Series LAW OF PERDITION is Now Available on THE KILLER MOVIE CHANNEL Law of Perdition “Season One” is 9 episodes that will creep you out.
SYNOPSIS: Law of Perdition follows a detective whose cold cases are returning from the dead as ghosts to help him solve their horrific murders.
The TV Series is Written and Directed by Christian Grillo and Carmela Hayslett and Produced by Christian Grillo, Carmela Hayslett, David Gechman and John Martineau.
Starring: Andrew Hunsicker, Michael Everett Johnson, Evangeline Young, Carmela Hayslett, Chuck Maher, Daniel Plaza, Marti Keegan, B.O. Rand, Daquan Wright, Lilly Cassimore, Aaralyn Anderson, Joe Polito, Hannah Amacker and John Martineau.
LAW OF PERDITION the TV Series is Now Available Worldwide on The Killer Movie Channel as well as Tubi TV and Amazon Prime. Watch The Killer Movie Channel FREE on ROKU syndicated on more than 200 Million Devices thanks to our Developer dotstudioPRO.


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