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First Image Released For “Tremors 5”

The first image for much touted sequel “Tremors 5” has been released along with details about the project. The film stars Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy. “Tremors 5” is directed by Don Michael Paul. Read the press release and check out the first still below. The new installment hit Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD in 2016.

tremors stillPress Release:

The theatrical release of the original Tremors in 1990 combined suspense-filled action, sci-fi imagination and witty humor in the tale of a tiny Nevada town terrorized by giant man-eating worms known as Graboids. The Graboids eventually morphed into even more deadly creatures known as Ass Blasters. 

In this all-new adventure that travels halfway around the world to South Africa, the Graboids and the Ass Blasters are not only bigger and badder but Tremors 5 introduces an additional unexpected surprise that raises the stakes in the battle for survival.

“The Tremors franchise has built a reputation for high intensity fun and suspense and this installment takes it to a whole new level,” said Glenn Ross, General Manager and Executive Vice President, Universal 1440 Entertainment.

Michael Gross (“Anger Management,” “Suits,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Family Ties,” Tremors franchise) returns as weapons enthusiast and expert subterranean creature hunter Burt Gummer with Jamie Kennedy (“The Cleveland Show,” “Ghost Whisperer,” Scream series) as his new right hand man, tech-savvy Travis. The pair are joined by an international cast as they mount a battle against the deadly creatures that turns out to be far more than they bargained for.

New Promo Poster For “Jurassic World”

Check out the new promo poster for “Jurassic World”. The film is directed by Colin Trevorrow and stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas-Howard, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy, Ty Simpkins, BD Wong. “Jurassic World hits theatres on June 12, 2015.


Official Trailer For Sci-fi Thriller “Hanger 10”

hanger 10The official trailer has been released for sci-fi thriller “Hanger 10”. The film hits VOD on November 7th and stars Abbie Salt, Robert Curtis, Danny Shayler. Check out the trailer below.

33 years after the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, three metal detector enthusiasts hunting for Saxon gold in the same region capture incredible footage of UFOs whilst filming their expedition. As night falls – and with their navigation equipment failing – the trio finds themselves facing a terrifying encounter with an unforgiving alien presence.

My Review Of “A Night Of The Living Dead”

anotldShattered Images Films home grown horror remake of the classic “Night Of The Living Dead” retells the zombie story with a few alterations to Romero’s original tale. “A Night Of The Living Dead” is an ultra low-budget film shot in black and white and stays pretty close to the original story without being an exact reproduction. The film is directed by Chad Zuver and stars Rebekka Daniel, Melissa Zahs, Lisa Marie, Lee Godwin, Sarah Bertz Thomas, Kayla Elizabeth, Gad Holland, Layla M. Thomas, and J.J. Lahey. The plot takes place during a visit to see their wife and mother's grave, placing Jerry and his daughters Melanie and Barbra at the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.

“A Night Of The Living Dead” keeps pretty close to the original story, but like I stated before there are some alterations and new experiences in this retelling. The story arc manages to hold together pretty well from start to finish, unfortunately there are times when it gets weak due to dialog and inconsistent story elements that fail to build the suspense or keep the film moving forward. Mostly this is due to some of the cast’s inability to stay on point with their lines and clumsy dialog.This is home grown horror so a lot of the errors are expected , but not always forgivable, “A Night Of The Living Dead” does have some pretty effective moments as far as creating chilling scenes and an overall chilling atmosphere. Not to mention several of the cast give good performances.

The special effects are ultra-cheap in “A Night Of The Living Dead” and due to camera angles and time spent focusing on the effect, are ineffective and do more to harm the scene. Not all the scenes that use special effects are a fail, some are very effective and create genuinely creepy moments. Thankfully I didn’t see any CGI effects, so the use of practical effects are greatly appreciated.

A plus for the film is that the zombies being shot in black and white are acceptable in design and effect. They stay pretty basic much like the original and several other films that it spawned that keep the zombies simple. The soundtrack and sound effects are work in “A Night OF The Living Dead” by staying pretty simple and used with precision. The music creates a since of emotion that elevates several scenes to higher-quality moments. Kudos.

Overall, “A Night Of The Living Dead” misses at creating an original retelling of the film because too much of the Romero film is present when it comes to scene set-ups and structure. The acting is pretty low quality with the exception being the few actors that do offer quality performances. This is a no budget horror film and at times really shines, unfortunately the amount of line flubs from some characters and inconsistent use of practical effects drag the director’s  intended vision down.

The good things about “A Night Of The Living Dead” are the fact that it is shot in black and white, plus it does alter some of the original film so that at times it does feel genuine and more like fan fiction than copycat. The zombies are acceptable – thanks to the black and white filming choice, and I enjoyed the added characters and location used in this film, with the exception of too much down time inside the home that the real owners obviously refused to sign off on scene damage like busting windows or actually boarding up windows.

All that said, fans of homemade, home grown horror and ultra low-budget will like the fact that “A Night Of The Living Dead” offers a better quality story than most home grown zombie films out there. And for this particular production company this film rises above some of the companies previous works. The added characters, and black and white keeps “A Night Of The Living Dead” from completely failing, and at times creates some pretty effective moments.

Fans of indie horror that are used to films with larger budgets may not enjoy this one because of the lower quality of effects and dialog issues. It does offer an original ending to the story that is intense so I enjoyed that aspect of the film. Just be prepared and know that this is an ultra low-budget horror when you set down to watch it. I am 50/50 on the film because I enjoy the homemade/ultra low-budget part of the indie horror community, I just prefer a bit more originality in the stories-something that I haven't seen before. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blanc/Biehn Productions Releases “Fetish Factory" Poster

fetish factoryLos Angeles, CA - In the gritty, sexy and scary old school tradition of exploitation and grindhouse art comes the kick-ass poster for Blanc/Biehn Productions’ latest fright flick, “Fetish Factory.”

BBP commissioned Los Angeles based artist Aaron Kai to come up with a throwback concept and create artwork that would tell a story – using scenes from the film and building intrigue through visuals just like they did back in the 60s and 70s.

Aaron Kai’s meticulously executed, photorealistic film-inspired artwork has been featured globally from Hollywood to Tokyo to commemorate high-profile landmark events including Blade Runner: The Final Cut 25™ Anniversary, The Bette Davis Centennial, and the Jules Verne Film Festival. Prominent collectors of Kai’s original works include Ridley Scott, Harrison Ford, and Clint Eastwood.

“Fetish Factory” is written and directed by Staci Layne Wilson, based on a story by Lony Ruhmann. The plot centers on pin-up vixens vs. bloodthirsty zombies, and is set in post-apocalyptic Hollywood.
The film stars Carrie Keagan (“Reno 9-1-1!”), Chase Williamson (“John Dies at the End”), Jennifer Blanc (“Everly”, “Havenhurst”, “Hidden in the Woods”), Daniel Quinn (“Rubber”), Stephen Wastell (“Criminal Minds”), Jenimay Walker, (“Serpent’s Kiss”), Tristan Risk (“American Mary”), Emma Julia Jacobs (“Hitchcock”), Ruben Pla (“Big-Ass Spider”), Diane Ayala Goldner (“The Collector”), Jesse Merlin (“FDR: American Badass”), Benjamin Easterday (“Poseidon Rex”), Tom Ayers (“Bosch”), and Montreal-based alternative model and fetish superstar The Richard rounds out the cast.

Lony Ruhmann is executive producer, cinematography is by Steve Romano, and the original score is by Mars Homeworld and introduces new original songs by guitar superstars The Ventures.

It’s SURVIVAL OF THE FOXIEST! in “Fetish Factory”, a thrilling and darkly comic horror suspense film with a heaping helping of vintage burlesque bawdiness.

Look for it in 2015.

My Review Of “Billy Club”

billy club“Billy Club” is a modern slasher flick that utilizes classic horror elements in order to create a contemporary nightmare. One that takes America’s pastime and twists it into a dark pool of grue that is satirical and disturbing. The film is directed by Drew Rosas and Nick Sommers, stars Erin Hammond, Mark Metcalf, Marshall Caswell, Nick Sommer,  Max Williamson, and follows four friends reuniting to commemorate the brutal murder of their little league baseball coach and teammates. The event turns deadly as a vengeful, brutal killer forces them to face their past.

The story is a pretty clever, dark piece of horror that draws on tradition slasher elements like the surrealist atmosphere, horrific backstory, and plenty of blood and gore. “Billy Club” starts with a terrible tragedy that comes back to haunt all those involved. Totally typical and completely perfect for any slasher. It is a set-up that I personally feel never becomes tired. Rosas and Sommers manage to bring out a nostalgia and adoration for classic 80’s horror while creating a truly individual horror story and truly inventive masked slasher. One that is sure to be a modern day slasher icon worthy of franchising.

The acting and direction of the film is pretty standard with a cast that is rough in spots hitting the dialog and timing, but honestly no more than so many films that have come before it. Films that I find myself watching over and over. There are a few too many flashback moments in the film that can seem confusing but really fit when you get to the ending. The ending is one that is clever, well hidden until the very end and really solidifies “Billy Club” as worthy of the awards it has won. The humor is not the comedy “spoof” stuff but a blend of characters that fit into the “loveable losers” category and drug induced humor. It does seem to confuse the overall dark nature of the material but only in the way that several of the characters in the “Friday The 13th” franchise do for those films.

The special effects are all practical, organic, and traditional-no CGI here, at least none that I could tell. The directors never shy away from the kill scenes and showing the gruesomeness of it all, the effects artist has is consistency and quality at a level that the directors don’t have to “insinuate” the brutality so deaths are pretty cool and graphic. The sound effects are a bit garden variety creepiness but work well to create a chilling environment for this nightmare to unfold. The effects in one final scene aren’t quite as stellar as the rest of the film’s gory effects but whatever, 95% of the slaugherfest in “Billy Club” is pretty tight.

Overall “Billy Club” is a worthy slasher film that is an instant cult classic. I enjoyed this film immensely, I connected with the vibe of little league having played up until JV, the nods and homage to classic 80’s slashers are tasteful and not rip-offs, and the killer is just a nightmare. Truly creative and menacing. The cinematography is done nicely, enough of the film happens in darkness (which is how a horror film should be), the scenery and sets are odd, eerie elements that just amp up the chilling subject matter. But mostly the guts and gore are the big draw for horror fans to the film. Definitely check this one out! 

New DVD Artwork, Trailer And Stills Released For “Billy Club”

billyCheck out the DVD artwork and trailer released ahead of the slasher’s street date of November 4th. The visual goodies came with a ton of new images that you can check out below as well. “Billy Club” is directed by Nick Sommers and Drew Rosas, stars Erin Hammond, Mark Metcalf, Marshall Caswell, Nick Sommer,  Max Williamson and picked up Best Feature Film at Hollywood Horror Fest. Other awards the film has won include Best Horror Feature at the Phoenix Film Festival, and Best Wisconsin Feature at the Beloit Int'l Film Fest.

Fifteen years after a gruesome triple homicide devastated their Little League baseball team, four friends reunite to commemorate their dead coach and fallen teammates. A mystery unfolds as the secrets from their past return to haunt them and a vengeful killer, hidden by an antique umpire’s mask, returns to even the score.

billy club









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