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My Review Of “Creeping Crawling”

creeping-crawling_large_800Horror anthology “Creeping Crawling” is a film that creates entomophobic inducing anxiety. The film is directed by Jon Russell Cring, and Tracy Nichole Cring. The stories are modern distortions of today’s struggle between the vapid and the devalued. The vapid being the burden and guilt put on women to live to a male standard, in return devaluing the mind, talent and whole worth of the female as a person of equal value.  Okay so maybe this anthology doesn’t get that deep-but that was just the impression left on me by every one of these short films. “Creeping Crawling” stars Raine Brown, Kevin Craig West, Anna Shields, Marie Bianchi, Mikaela Holmes, Kai Issey, Yury Tsykun and Gary Flugge.

Told more like a trilogy of terror with stories that are framed by a very odd entomologist during a student interview for a paper or something. Anyway Each of the tales invoke a blind of unease, confusion and a serious case of the creeps. The characters deal with some really serious body image issues, like body dysmorphic disorder-fetish/ fantasy delusions-highly sexualized pressure to impress in the workplace-not to mention creepy, creepy, creepy insects, of course. “Creeping Crawling” takes a facetious attitude toward addressing contemporary issues about acceptable images in society with mature, fun, surrealism.

The acting is mediocre, with some characters feeling a bit too caricature. The over-the-top performances work during most of the anthology but there are times when it feels contrived. The cast give convincing performances for the most part and really bring these twisted tales to life. When the story gets creepy, the characters get bent much the same way. Actually the mental insanity put on the lead characters is rather convincing. I didn’t really get the jest of the point of the short films completely. I think I did but they really left me with a question mark about “was what I got out of the stories what the writers was going for”. I did however enjoy the dark humor, social commentary and just completely disturbing vibe “Creeping Crawling” gives off.

The special effects and soundtrack are above the grade for these low budget, indie films. I was impressed. The bug thing is a real skin crawler and this film gives it a good shot. The horror isn’t so much horror, in the sense that I never felt suspense or chills. The nightmare comes completely from the gross out, utter fear of insects that most of us have to some degree. “Creeping Crawling” is fresh, contemporary and very now. I am not completely sure that the continuity or framing is precise, but the blended genre that brings the surreal, b-movie critter-that kept us glued to late night thrillers-and the twisted storytelling that is reminiscent of “Tales From The Darkside” work in this anthology more than I expected. “Creeping Crawling” is worth checking out, the stories may not relate to everyone, but the bugs, and overall creep factor will entertain most.

“Legend Of The Hillbilly Butcher” Clip

legend-of-the-hillbilly-butcherJoaquin Montalvan’s horror “Legend Of The Hillbilly Butcher” comes out on DVD this September 23rd. The film stars Doreen Barnes, Allen East, S.E. Feinberg, Ron Jason, and Theresa Holly. Dread Central released an exclusive clip for the upcoming slasher/backwood horror. Check it out below.

Far away from the civilized world, in the deep isolation of the lonely backwoods, Carl Henry Jessup spends his days in twisted contemplation and hazy reverie of the good old days. His contempt for outsiders keeps him close to his hillbilly family home. Carrying on the family business, Carl keeps an eye out for Grade A meat. He can spot the tastiest trespassers from fifty yards away. Fat men and pretty gals are his preference, and he insists on a healthy serving of spicy blood gravy ladled over his dinner plate.

Carl's mama and papa met with gruesome untimely deaths. His love and devotion for his mama and papa leaves him yearning for their return from the grave. In a pact with the demon Sam Bakoo, Carl offers his soul in exchange for the full-fledged reanimation of his parents' rotting corpses. The evil presence of Sam Bakoo drives Carl deeper into a whirlpool of torture, slaughter, vengeance, and delirium. His spirit guide, the angelic Lil' Jessie, warns him that his bloodline is cursed and that Sam Bakoo is not to be tangled with. But it's too late for the beleaguered hillbilly. His life turns sour, and he becomes a tired and vicious shell of a man.

The only remaining faithful and loving presence in his pitiful existence is Rae Lynn, who sees something good in her half-brother. While Carl's out doing his dirty deeds, Rae Lynn comes to his house looking for him. When she enters an unfamiliar back room, she discovers Carl's secret house of horrors. He returns home to find Rae Lynn in his private domain. The depravity she witnesses makes her just another liability. Rae Lynn must escape and fight for her life. Carl is faced with his comeuppance as Sam Bakoo comes to collect his debt. This trippy horror film combines the quiet, forbidding atmosphere that could have been conjured up by a hillbilly David Lynch with an eerie Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe.

Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher - Exclusive Clip by dreadcentral

New Trailer Released For “Werewolf Rising”

BillOberstJrCheck out the new official trailer for “Werewolf Rising”, directed by BC Furtney. The film stars Bill Oberst, Jr., Melissa Carnell, Danielle Lozeau, Irena Murphy, and Matt Copko. “Werewolf Rising” hits DVD October 14th, 2014.

Desperate for a break from big city life, Emma heads to her family’s cabin deep in the Arkansas hills. As she settles in for some much-needed R&R, she learns that something unspeakable lurks in the surrounding darkness. As the full moon rises, a bloodthirsty werewolf emerges from the shadows, slaughtering everyone in its path and revealing a sinister underworld Emma never knew existed. Thrown into a fight for her life, and her very soul, Emma will need to escape these big bad woods before it’s too late.

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Volturnalia

volturnusVolturnalia was the Roman festival on August 27 dedicated to Volturnus, 'god of the waters,' god of fountains. The name probably derived from a local Samnite cult. Volturnus was the father of the goddess Juturna, who was first identified with a spring in Latium near the Numicus River and later with a pool near the Temple of Vesta in the Forum of Rome. They were both honored on this day with feasting, wine-drinking, and games.

No myths concerning Volturnus have survived. A minority view among scholars is that Volturnus was a generic God of rivers, and gave his name both to the Tiber and the Volturno. Also it has been theorized that the Romans might have equated Volturnus with Vulturnus, as evidenced by this passage from Lucretious:

Inde aliae tempestates ventique secuntur, altitonans Volturnus et Auster fulmine pollens.

“And other Winds do follow: the high roar Of great Volturnus, and the South wind strong With thunder-bolts.”

Those who equate Volturnus with Vulturnus believe that the Volturnalia was a festival to avert the drought caused by these drying winds.

My Review Of “Sanctuary, Quite A Conundrum”

sanctuary quite a conundrum“Sanctuary, Quite A Conundrum” is Thomas L. Phillips is the vows written for the unlikely marriage between trash cinema and horror. The film stars Sasha Ramos, Erin Cline, Emily Rogers, Anthony Rutowicz, Joe Coffey, Chris Greene, Catherine Trail and Julianna Pitt. “Sanctuary, Quite A Conundrum” follows a night of partying and sexing that turns into a cluster-f*ck of brutality and survival, when a disturbing event brings the party crashing down.

This story is nothing short of amazing, and brilliant. At first “Sactuary, Quite A Conundrum” kicks off with cliché overhypes that I was sure were going to annoy me. However ten minutes into the witty banter between the two lead female characters I was hooked. The face-paced dialog, timing and delivery of the actresses is spot on. The characters are an updated Valley Girl persona that feels relevant to a contemporary setting. Plus them b*tches was funny as hell! “Quite A Conundrum” starts off as a light, campy satire that, when the scene turns sour, gets dark real fast.

Phillips is as a modern day John Hughes. I felt the sudden sickening feeling hit as the story goes from one of light to total horror. His ability to both blend a satirical comedic air with an equal air of terror, without dragging the story down, is amazing. I felt conflicted the whole time. There is some completely nightmarish horror that takes place in the film, but there is some humor that cannot be denied. The story gets tense, then light-ish, before getting even more tense. “Quite A Conundrum” just offers a superb story from start to finish.

The special effects are the standard for a film driven more by high drama and basic action sequences. The kill scenes stay pretty equal to micro-budget level but come off, through great direction and cinematography, as high production value scenes. The blood and deaths are sudden, blunt force moments that catch you in the headlights of a horrific moment taking place before your eyes. Even then the ability of the cast to effortlessly sway between such dark material and the lighter humorous stuff is a show to the casts’ talent.

The soundtrack is pretty stellar. A mix of thriller sound effects and contemporary tunes offer a mix of suspenseful tension and terror, balanced by almost MTV video quality atmospheric slow mo situations. There are small moments that seem a bit contrived but none that altar the entertainment value or overall energy of the film. But really there has to be, honestly the fact that based on Thomas L. Phillips writing style, it is nothing short of amazing that a lot of this film doesn’t fail. “Sactuary, Quite A Conundrum” is a masterpiece and instant cult classic that everyone should see-not just horror and camp cinema fans!

Official Trailer Released For “House Of Manson”

house of mansonCheck out the full official trailer for upcoming bio/thriller “House Of Manson”. The film is directed by Brandon Slagle and is the unflinching chronicle of the life of Charles Manson and the worldwide reaction to the horrors committed by his “family”. “House Of Manson” stars Ryan Kiser, Devanny Pinn, Reid Warner, Serena Lorien, Suzi Lorraine, Chriss Anglin, Erin Marie Hogan, Tristan Risk, Britt Griffith, Max Wasa, Adrian Quihuis, Mel Turner, Julie Rose, Tawny Amber Young, Trish Cook, Jason McNeil, and Amy Hessler.

Teaser Trailer For “Visions Evilutions”

VEThe first teaser trailer has been released for Sergio Candido’s “Visions Evilutions”. The film is an action/horror set to be released in 2015. “Visions Evilution” stars Rudy Youngblood, Rob Van Dam, Tiffany Ellen Solano, Sergio Candido.

A group of long time friends and family take a break from everyday life and journey to a wooded getaway after one of them has an eye injury. They soon encounter a fierce gang who makes their short stay one they will never forget. Not only do they have to deal with the gang, but with demonic entities that are released after being dormant in the woods for hundreds of years as well.

Visions Evilutions from André Ferreira on Vimeo.


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