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Thursday, January 16, 2014

“Ladies Night” Short Film To Become Feature Film?

ladies nightRyan Stacy from Concept Media is posted a pic on Facebook teasing “Ladies Night” as a feature film. The project is still in the early stages but the original cast from the short film have verbally committed to taking on the killer femme fatales. Ryan Stacy is the director of indie faves “Midsummer Nightmares” and “Midsummer Nightmares II: Summer’s End”. He also collaborated on the horror anthology “Watch This” which features the short film “Ladies Night”. The cast of killer scream queens include Christy Faulkner, Amanda Collins, Emily Sewell-Smith. It is cool that the three ladies have already shown interest in the project. I am excited to see this film happen because I feel that 2014 is definitely the year of the Femme Fatale Noir picture.

“Ladies Night” is a twisted tale of three friends out to enjoy the night and meet some guys. Unfortunately for the guys sex is not the first thing on these ladies’ mind. My thoughts on the short film are as follows: The story is fun, fast and even throws in some graphic gore scene below the belt. This one was very entertaining and the ladies actually out shine the guys with the acting.

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