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Photo Blog: “Horror Of Dracula”–Part III- Dracula Meets Van Helsing

horror of dracula title still[3]

This is the final part of my three part photo blog of “Horror Of Dracula”. In the final act of the story Van Helsing and Dracula finally meet and it is a battle of wits to the very end as Dracula tries to take a bride (Mina) and Van Helsing tries to destroy the legendary vampire.

1 The Holmwoods are enlightened
It is time for the Holmwoods to wake up and realize the truth of the matter. There is something sinister a foot!

2 tales of the not quite dead
Mina and Arthur prepare to here a magical tale of phantoms.

3 Tania's fantastic tale
Tania has a story of the not quite dead. The child tells of her visit with Lucy.

4 looking for lucy
Arthur sets out to check on Lucy’s final resting place.

5 Lucy isn't where she is suppose to be
He discovers that Lucy is not where she is suppose to be.

7 Tania seeks out lucy once more
Meanwhile Tania sets out on an adventure of her own.

6 Lucy greets Tania
Lucy is waiting for the child to meet her.

8games dead things play
Lucy takes Tania to a great spot to play a game.

9 family reunions can be so cold
Arthur and Lucy are reunited. However Van Helsing is also close by. Very close by!

10 Lucy gets annointed
Get back demon! The power of Christ compels you!

11 is there no other way
“Is There No Other Way?!” Arthur needs reassuring that this is what has to be done to save his sister.

12 lucy gets staked
Van Helsing stakes Lucy so that she may find true peace.

13 through the heart
This is just a really cool shot of the “Hammer red” blood as the stake pierces Lucy’s heart.

14 it's just a really good book
You know this is a really good book! Arthur talks to Helsing about the things in Jonathan’s diary.

15 draculas whereabouts
Van Helsing contemplates the whereabouts of Dracula.

16 your getting colder
Oddly the search takes them far from Dracula’s true location and back to the border/toll crossing.

17 when strangers call
18 when strangers call 2
Meanwhile Mina gets a late night caller with a strange request.

19 as long as you have papers
Money is knowledge! Arthur bribes the guy at the crossing in order to procure the information they need.

20 getting warmer
Mina’s rendezvous and Van Helsing’s lead point to the same location of Dracula’s whereabouts.

21 mina returns a call
Mina takes a trip to the undertaker.

22 mina rendezvous
Dracula awakes to greet Mina.

23 home in time to find Mina gone
Van Helsing and Arthur return home to find Mina is gone.

24 mina returns home
Before they can panic Mina returns with a story about a morning stroll.

25 on draculas trail
26 missing coffin
Van Helsing visits the undertaker and discovers that Dracula is no longer there.

27 where could he have gone
Van Helsing and Arthur discuss where else in the city Dracula could possibly hide.

28 the truth about mina
29 when crosses burn
The two men finally realize how dangers morning strolls can be for a woman. Mina passes out and gains a mark from the cross Arthur hands her.

30 to snare a vampire
Van Helsing patrols the outside property for signs of Dracula…

31 craving dracula
Mina begins to joneses for Dracula after sensing his closeness.

32 dracula calling
Dracula calling. Dracula enters the house to greet Mina.

33 dracula and mina
Dracula takes Mina. Right there on the bed.

34 poor mina
Mina is found unconscious and bleeding from the bite marks.

35 to save a life
Van Helsing rushes to save Mina through a dangerous blood transfusion.

36 recovery is better with wine
Arthur recovers with a good bottle of wine and realizes that good servants don’t go into the cellar.

37 revelations
Van Helsing rushes to the cellar to discover that Dracula has been right under their very feet. He is met by a panicked Dracula.

38 Gerta sees the devil
Gerda sees the devil and goes into hysterics. The men learn of Mina’s abduction.

39 race to the castle
Knowing full well Dracula’s next move, Van Helsing races to the Castle after Dracula.

40 border crossings
Dracula crosses the border illegally ….

41 almost there
Followed by Van Helsing….

42 to bury a body
Dracula throws Mina into the shallow grave he has dug for her….

43 a rude awakening
Mina gets a rude awakening as she realizes that Dracula is burying her in the shallow grave.

44 a race to the finish
45 right behind you
When Van Helsing arrives Dracula flees into the castle to seek refuge. Van Helsing is not far behind him.

47 fighting death
46 at last we meet
Dracula and Van Helsing fight in the grand library and for a minute it looks as if Dracula will be the victor.

48 final act
49 sunlight is bad for the skin
Van Helsing’s will to live is stronger and he forces Dracula into the sunlight piercing through the window.

50 fast decay
51 fast decay 2
The bathing sunlight proves to be a fatal and fast death for Dracula as it causes a quick decay.

52 dust in the wind
Dust in the wind. Van Helsing defeats Dracula. The End…or is it?!

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