Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Freddy vs Jason" The Kills and Final Battle Stills

Heather - pinned to tree with machete by Jason
 Trey - stabbed with machete, folded in half in bed
Blake's Dad - decapitated by machete
Blake - slashed with machete
Gibb - double impalement with a long pipe
Frisell (Glowing Raver) and
 Teammate - head twisted around
Shack - impaled by flaming machete
Raver #1 - sliced with machete
Raver #2 - sliced with machete  Raver #3 - slashed in shoulder
 Raver #4 - sliced in stomach with machete
 Raver #5 - slashed with machete
  Gibb lying dead on ground
Mark - Set on fire, then face slashed

 Security Guard - crushed by heavy door
Deputy Stubbs - electrocuted on console
Freeburg - possessed by 'Freddypillar', chopped in half with machete
Linderman - impaled on shelf bracket
Kia - slashed with machete and thrown into tree
 The Final Battle Begins
Freddy and Jason fight it out at construction area at lake

The battle moves to the docks on the waters edge
The battle really explodes in a final frenzy of blood and gore
One last gruesome and bloody breathe left
Jason rises with Freddy's head
I loved this movie, I would like to see how they do in a rematch!

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