Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Teaser Released For “Possessed Soul”

possessed soulCheck out the new teaser trailer released for Indie 3D flick “Possessed Soul”. The film is an upcoming independent film from Director Michael-Ryan Fletchall. The film is an effort to create a new viewing experience for the horror fan by putting the audience in the mind of the killer. The film will be viewed through the eyes of a teenage boy. (This makes me wonder if the director will forego the awkward subject matter of nudity or sex and will we ever actually see the face of this teen in the film, maybe through a mirror or reflection, or will it be left in question through the whole film as to the teens appearance. These are just my random pointless thoughts). The crowd funding is still ongoing over at Indiegogo.

Two teenage girls are terrorized and slaughtered in the dark woods by a knife-wielding murderer. Russ Anderson, a disturbed and menacing teenage boy, awakes in a rage from his dream. Through his eyes, the audience experiences the horror of Possessed Soul. As they torment and abuse other students and teachers at their school, Russ leads his group of sinister and unstable friends into the perverse underworld of the occult. The group focuses their threats and intimidation on another outcast, Jake, stalking him mercilessly after school.

In their relentless pursuit to have their desires fulfilled through Satanic worship, Russ and his friends engage in a series of increasingly maniacal rituals through a haze of drugs and alcohol. The further they delve into the occult, the more their grip on reality is distorted, revealing the true horror among them and the manipulative demonic terror they have unleashed.

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