Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Details On “Skinwalker Ranch” Movie

skinwalker ranchThe supernatural/thriller “Skinwalker Ranch” has moved into the post-production phase. The film directed by Devin McGinn, stars Jon Gries, Kyle Davis, Erin Cahill, Devin McGinn, Matt Rocheleau. The plot follows a scientific research team investigates and documents the supernatural events surrounding the disappearance of a cattle ranchers 10 year old son. “Skinwalker Ranch” is based on true events surrounding "Skinwalker Ranch" which shocked the paranormal community around the world.

Skinwalker Ranch, also known as Sherman Ranch, is a property located on approximately 480 acres (1.9 km2) southeast of Ballard, Utah that is allegedly the site of paranormal and UFO-related activities. Its name is taken from the skin-walker of Native American legend. Claims about the ranch first appeared in the Salt Lake City, Utah Deseret News, and later in the alternative weekly Las Vegas Mercury as a series of articles by journalist George Knapp. Knapp and co-author Colm Kelleher subsequently authored a book in which they describe the ranch being acquired by the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDSci) to study anecdotal sightings of UFOs, bigfoot-like creatures, crop circles, glowing orbs and poltergeist activity reported by its former owners.

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