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Photo Blog: “Horror Of Dracula” Relived-Part II- Van Helsing Is On The Case

horror of dracula title still[3]

In part two of my photo blog about “Horror Of Dracula” from Hammer Films we pick up with Van Helsing learning of Jonathans fate at Castle Dracula.  Van Helsing picks up the case and sets out to destroy Dracula. Dracula has set out on a mission of his own. He is going to meet Miss Lucy.

1 Enter Van Helsing
Van Helsing heads to the local watering hole on his way to meet Jonathan Harker. It is here he learns of the fear these people hold toward all things Dracula.

2 pub welcomes Van Helsing
The locals are not too pleased to see yet another stranger make their way into the fearful community.

3 The smell of fear
Fear smells like garlic. Van Helsing meets the locals and realizes the superstitious nature and suspicious minds of the people.

4 To tell a lie
Van Helsing’s inquiries about his friend are met with lies and cryptic interactions from the townies.

5 Confronting the liar
Van Helsing confronts the bar keep and makes it very clear he knows they are lying to him.

6 Van Helsing Gets A Clue
The bar maid drops Van Helsing a clue. She hands the doctor the diary of Jonathan Harker.

7 warm greetings and such
Van Helsing is nearly ran over by Dracula’s carriage as he enters the castle grounds.

8 searching for answers
Van Helsing searches for answers to Jonathan’s whereabouts in the castle and comes across the frame with a missing picture.

9 among the dead
He soon discovers the staked female vampire in the crypt below Castle Dracula.

10 Jonathan The Vampire
It isn’t long before the fate of young Jonathan Harker is revealed to Van Helsing

11 meet the Holmwoods
12 Mr and Mrs Holmwood
Meet The Holmwoods: Returning to the home of Harker’s betroved, Van Helsing tells of Jonathan Harker’s death.

13 poor miss lucy
Miss Lucy falls ill mysteriously and the family decides not to tell her about Jonathan’s death.

15 lucy has a secret
14 night calls
Lucy has a secret. A stranger is calling on her in the dead of night. Dracula has her under his spell.

16 Reading is Fundamental
Meanwhile Van Helsing is going over the writings of Harker, learning of Jonathan’s findings and the ways to kill a vampire.

17 voices from beyond
Van Helsing takes time to post a letter and finds out that his man-servant thinks he is crazy.

18 state of the undead
It ain’t Karaoke! Van Helsing uses his recorder to document his discoveries about vampirism.

19 when Dracula calls
As Van Helsing plays with his recorder Dracula is playing with Lucy.

20 Dracula tastes Lucy
Dracula makes his move and goes in for one more taste of poor Miss Lucy.

21 Tania has a question
The young Tania has a question for the family doctor. Why can’t you make Lucy better.

22 Mrs. Holmwood gets a second opinion
Mina gets a second opinion from Van Helsing and asks him to look in on Lucy.

23 Van Helsing makes a house call
Van Helsing makes a house call. He evaluates the young Miss Lucy to find what is causing her illness.

24 Finding a diagnosis
Van Helsing discovers what is causing Lucy to be weak. He notices the marks of the vampire on the young lady’s neck.

25 Van Helsing Warns Mina
Van Helsing warns Mina of how serious the situation is without really telling her. He only demands that she place garlic flowers in the room and keep all outside accesses closed.

27 The smell of death
Lucy, of course, flips out over the garlic flowers and cries out for help.

26 a cry for help
She gets help from the maid who agrees to take away some of the flowers so that Lucy can rest.

28 accessory to murder
The maid takes away the garlic and opens the door. Yeah look who is an accomplice.

29 the death of lucy
Lucy dies ………or does she?!

30 instructions disobeyed
Van Helsing confirms the fact that Lucy is indeed dead and faces the realization that people cannot follow instructions.

31 grieving family
Mina and Arthur grieve the death of Lucy. …

32 questioning the witnesses
Van Helsing confronts the Holmwoods to find out just what happened and why they could not seem to follow his simple directions.

33 the last words of Jonathan Harker
Arthur tries to put the blame on Van Helsing. Van Helsing seeks to enlighten the Holmwoods by handing over the final writings of Jonathan Harker contained in his diary.

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