Sunday, May 20, 2012

News On “Stakeland” Directors Next Two Projects

“Stakeland” director Jim Mickle has to projects coming up the first one is tentatively titled “Cold in July” a film tauted as a grindhouse/action-gore in the vein of “A History OF Violence”. This first project will start pre-production shortly. The second movie is teasingly “body count” invoking with the title “Night Hunter”, drawing images in my mind of a leather clad serial killer breathing heavy under the orange glow of street lamps while stalking some unsuspecting co-ed. Yeah I know I need help. Anyway I have no clue what that story will really in tell but gods I hope I am close.

Both of these projects will see Mickle joining with Wild Side Films and Memento Films for both French and International audiences to enjoy these movies, how can you not love this new global culture. “Cold In July” is an adaptation of Joe R. Lansdale’s book. If you don’t know about this book click here!

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