Friday, April 18, 2014

Original Screenplay By “Cross Bearer” Director Up For Sale

Adam Ahlbrandt has announced he is auctioning off the original screenplay to an unproduced horror film. On his Facebook page Ahlbrandt stated that “Children Of Torture” was set to be produced back in 2007 before financing fell through. The film which follows the indoctrination of new members into a satanic cult is being auctioned on eBay to show “potential investors that there is interest in making the project without watering down the extreme aspects of it.”

“The film's title "Children Of Torture" has been a sticking point, even though the film doesn't involve a single minor”, the “Cross Bearer” director went on to say showing is affection for the project which fell through due to backers withdrawal in the production of the film due to “ extreme aspects”. Aspects that Ahlbrandt thinks future investors will see as important enough to the story not to watered down. Based on “Cross Bearer” I am sure there is plenty of interest out there and a film should never be forced to white-wash a story in order to appeal to a wider audience. Which is why I am posting the story here. Also the person who wins the bid will gain the rights to produce the film if the final ticket exceeds 10,000 USD.

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