Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crowd Funding Started For Horror Thriller “The Apostate”

the apostateCrowd funding has started for indie horror thriller “The Apostate” . The film follows a man, injured and bloody finds himself alone and scared, trapped in an underground facility, not knowing how he got there. “The Apostate” is written and directed by Andy Dodd. The crowd funding campaign will assist in post-production costs for visual effects artists, compositors, colourists, colour correctors and other professionals to complete the film.

The campaign is set up over on Indiegogo so check it out. Also check out the trailer . The dark, twisted, spiritual madness unleashed in the early promo offers some intense, blood soaked action that is impressive and practical. So go check out the film’s page and like the film on Facebook as well, considering the director lists Romero as a big influence I can’t wait to see how this story visually turns out. There is nothing scarier than holy rollers turned homicidal maniac on a mission of judgment. At least that is what I got from the trailer…

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