Saturday, April 19, 2014

Crowd Funding Started For British Horror “The Cavern Dwellers”

TCDThe crowd funding campaign has kicked off for British horror film “The Cavern Dwellers” over on Indiegogo. The film is set to be directed by Dean Baldwin who also wrote the script for the film. “The Cavern Dwellers”  has signed Holly Henderson, Claryn Scott, Ricky Lawton, Mark Hil, Paul Barrow, Adam Johnson and Sean Hutchings to the cast.

“The Cavern Dwellers” is based around the legends surrounding the Crank caverns in the Rainford area of St Helens  Merseyside. In the early 1900’s a series of eerie disappearances and horrific attacks were reported at the Crank Caverns forcing the authorities to send the army to investigate. Horrified by what they found two soldiers had no choice but to seal the caverns off forever using explosives.

A Century on and William and his friends like to get their kicks by exploring sites of haunted and mythical interest. When the group decide to spend a night at the caverns they get more than just myth as a series of tremors in the area unearth an ancient evil. Lead in to the caverns by a mysterious stranger the group soon get split up and encounter a tribe of blood thirsty cannibals that feed on human flesh. With his friends dying one by one and his pregnant girlfriend in mortal danger William must choose whether to run like a coward or break the habit of a lifetime and venture into the darkness to face The Cavern Dwellers.

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