Thursday, April 17, 2014

My Review Of “Black Water Creek: Legend Of Sasquatch”

bws“Black Water Creek: Legend Of Sasquatch” is a low budget film directed by Marshall Ever, Mark Shell that follows crime into nature where the legendary cryptid Bigfoot fights back. The film stars Sabree Anderson, Rodney Bulls, Marshall Ever, Jon Firman, Nelson Irizarry and Alvin Gray. The story follows Officers Rick Shaw and Lisa Willis are brought back onto a cold case after several more bodies turn up in Black Water Creek. Rick Shaw had been on administrative leave after the death of his partner in an undercover drug sting that went bad. Reports of Sasquatch and talk of Sasquatch killing people pushes Rick to the edge, but Rick will not give up pursuit to find the real killer.

This story sounds like a pretty cool one that should have been easy to tell with relative ease. Drug crime encroaching on nature sparks the rise of a supernatural like creature to fight back. ( Much like Godzilla). The only real problem with the story was the writing. Specifically the dialog. Most of which seemed unrealistic to the situation or characters. There was a lot of conjecture within conversational dialog between the characters, meant to justify the situations and relevance but mostly it just came off as out of place and full of holes. There really isn’t much in this story that  was believable or convincing. Also too many of the actors appear to be too amateurish or really disconnected from the story, acting is much more than hyperbolism.

The effects and soundtrack for “Black Water Creek: Legend Of Sasquatch” is pretty amateurish as well. Some of the effects work, mostly because the shadowing or quick glance at the blood or practical effects used didn’t allow for the audience to notice just how cheap the tricks where in the scenes. Other times the gore or death scene were just to fake and poorly managed that it comes off offensive to the horror fan. This film could have been so much more, and the man-in-the-suit creature could have worked had the team behind this film really put more professionalism into the other aspects of the film. There is just too much that doesn’t work in the film for it to really be anything other than a waste of 2,000 dollars. Viewer beware!

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