Monday, April 16, 2012

MJ Dixon’s Answer To The Zombie Genre

“The Violent Dark” is the latest horror flick to come from Mycho Pictures, the company behind “Creepsville” and “Slasher House”. Probably one of the few people in the horror genre that has an issue with zombie films, mostly due to the latest over saturation of the zombie craze in the media market today, MJ Dixon has set forth a proper reply to a much need break from the undead.
His latest flick is his answer to the zombie genre which started with an honest independent foreboding and darkness splayed in gory, gritty scenes somehow lost lately in over produced horror flicks. In his latest post on his production blog for “The Violent Dark” MJ Dixon had this to say about the zombie sub-genre:
The Violent Dark started life early on in about 2002 under the name 'Demon Academy', the story of Violent Dark was much more a side plot in a much larger story, but it was a part that stuck with me when I went off and made 'Creepsville' and 'Slasher House'…
…This film was my answer to the zombie genre, a genre I have never been too fond of, mainly due to its saturating of the market. I want to have that kind of feel in a movies, but also something that kind of modernized the feel of films like Lamberto Bava's 'Demons'. So The Violent Dark for the most part is 'my' zombie movie... with no zombies and lots of kicking ass.”

A zombie movie with no zombies? So what exactly should be expected from this latest flick? Well nothing short of a kick-ass, low budget, back-to-basics, horror adventure. In a later blog post about the concept of “The Violent Dark” MJ went on to describe the film as: “Violet Dawson has arrived at Bronzewell Private School, Struggling to fit in she soon finds a friend in a girl called Hope, But when the two of them accidently unleash a dark curse on the school Violet finds herself trying to save herself and the students of Bronzewell from the demonic forces of hell itself... Can Violet survive The Violent Dark?.”
Now for me all this sounds fucking great because next to zombies, my favorite sub-genre of horror is the demon. My favorite besides “Demons” is the classic “Night Of The Demons” and the  much newer “Jennifer’s Body”. If exorcism movies where about people possessed by the devil I probably would not have so many in my collection. However they are about demonic possession, consumed by the loathsome forces of ‘Legion’ which is why I love them so much. So I personally look forward to seeing this proclamation against the zombie craze sweeping the globe and thoroughly look forward to a future of demonic consummation!
Check out “The Violent Dark” Facebook Page and Blog to stay up to date on this movie, I know I will!

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