Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day Is Coming!

Earth Day is coming. The 22nd is close at hand. Unless you want Mother Nature to start biting back then you better do your part to celebrate her. And for more than just one fuckin day a year! Or here are at least 7 ways she can make you pay!

frogsFirst a plague of killer frogs!
Frogs (1972)

Jason Crockett is an aging, grumpy, physically disabled millionaire who invites his family to his island estate for his birthday celebration. Pickett Smith is a free-lance photographer who is doing a pollution layout for an ecology magazine. Jason Crockett hates nature, poisoning anything that crawls on his property. On the night of his birthday the frogs and other members of nature begin to pay Crockett back.

treevenge_logobSecond thing could happen is trees could attack.
Treevenge (2008)

Christmas trees ripped out of their forest plan revenge against people enjoying the holidays.

Third thing that could go wrong if you treat nature wrong. Mutated bugs could come after us all.
Mimic (1997)


Married biotech scientists Sorvino and Northam upset the balance of nature when they cure a plague only to have their insectoid concoction unleashed in the New York subways. This causes giant cockroaches to mimic--and kill--humans. Far-fetched story is forgiven with a unique script (both John Sayles and Steven Soderbergh made additions) and original kills and thrills. Plenty of gore also makes it a worthy addition to the horror genre.

dyaThe Fourth thing that could get you if you don’t take care of the planet is global catastrophe.
The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

A climatologist tries to figure out a way to save the world from abrupt global warming. He must get to his young son in New York, which is being taken over by a new ice age


The Fifth thing that Nature could send to fuck us all up is a living curse.
The Prophecy (1979)

A log company's waste mutates the environment, creating a giant killer bear-monster.

The Sixth deadly result of abusing nature could come in tiny little forms.
Bug (1975)


An earthquake releases a strain of mutant cockroaches with the ability to start fires, which proceed to cause destructive chaos in a small town. The studies carried out by scientist James Parmiter, however, reveal an intent with much more far-reaching consequences.

And the Seventh nightmare that could fall upon you if you don’t do your part to help take care of Mother Nature . She will fight back harder!
Nature’s Grave / Long Weekend (2008)

A vacationing couple in the wilderness learns what happens when they disrespect nature.

So let us all do our part to help celebrate Mother Nature by participating in Earth Day not just on 4/22/2012 but everyday!


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