Friday, April 20, 2012

Details For “Heavy Makeup”

Heavy-Makeup-350x454From the Press Release:
Award winning filmmaker Chris Morrissey returns to the horror genre with the start of principal photography on the twisted horror thriller HEAVY MAKEUP. The film will premiere theatrically in Los Angeles and New York in February 2013 with special preview screenings planned this October for Halloween.
HEAVY MAKEUP centers on a serial killer stalking young Hollywood actresses. Morrissey has kept the full plot of the film under lock and key from the cast and crew. “There are many twists and turns in the film so I decided to make this a very interesting shoot” says Morrissey “Nobody has read the full script and the actors are only given the scenes they appear in a few days before they film to keep everything top secret. I’m even filming a couple different endings just to confuse them even more. It’s a very fun way to shoot. So far everyone has their theory as to who the killer is. The answers will be revealed when the film premieres.”
HEAVY MAKEUP stars indie film starlets Share Cherrie and Gia Franzia (who both appeared in Morrissey’s last film Trick of the Witch), along with Beverly Hills Ghost Club’s Whitney Quinlan and Rachel Alig, famous Playboy model Brittany Andrews, Juli Kreko (This Indie Thing) and newcomers Pedro Diaz, Zens Varoni and L.A. fashion designer/artist Anthony Carrillo who is also designing some of the wardrobe for the film.
Morrissey has gained a cult following over the last few years with his campy Warhol-esque indie films Superstar Female Serial Killer and Lip gloss Explosion. Both films have had continuous successful midnight shows theatrically in L.A. and N.Y. His latest film Trick of the Witch opened and closed last year’s New York Independent Film & Video Festival and won the Audience Favorite Award and an award for Best Horror Film. A sequel to Trick of the Witch will shoot later this year with more theatrical screenings planned in various cities before hitting DVD and Blu-Ray in early 2013.”
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