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Pagan Festival Shout Out: Celebration Of Divine celebration of Divine Spirit Spenta Mainyu

Zoroastrian celebration of Divine Spirit Spenta Mainyu (Holy Spirit), creator and protector of humans. [a/k/a Hamaspathmaedaya, All Souls, Parsi Muktad, Irani Farvadigan] [Fasli calendar]

According to Zoroastrian belief, Spenta Mainyu protects and maintains many realms and creatures—the sky, water, earth, plants, and children yet to be born. while Nowruz is the Zoroastrian New Year, Iranians celebrate it on the vernal equinox while Indian Parsis celebrate it in August. Both groups celebrate Zoroaster’s birth on Khodad Sal six days after Nowruz. Iranians mark Zoroaster’s death on Zarathust No Diso around December 26 while Parsis celebrate it in May.

Indo-Iranian religion that Zoroastrian beliefs sprang from, was polytheistic. While details are scarce, Zoroaster probably elevated an already existing deity into the role of supreme creator. This polytheistic religion shares its origins with the ancient Vedic religion of India. Thus, the two beliefs share some similarities such as the ahura and daevas (agents of order and chaos) in Zoroastrianism compared to the asuras and devas who compete for power in Vedic religion.

Naw-Ruz, also spelled Nowruz as well as other variants, is an ancient Persian holiday celebrating the new year. It is one of only two festivals mentioned by Zoroaster in the Avesta, the only holy Zoroastrian scriptures written by Zoroaster himself. It is celebrated as a holy day by two religions: Zoroastrianism and the Baha'i Faith. In addition, other Iranians (Persians) also commonly celebrate it as a secular holiday.

Naw-Ruz occurs on the spring equinox or on March 21, the approximate date of the equinox. At its most basic, it is a celebration of renewal and the coming spring, which is common for festivals at this time of year. Some believe that their actions on Naw-Ruz will affect the rest of the coming year. Baha'is, in particular, can see it as a time of spiritual renewal, because Naw-Ruz marks the end of a 19-day fast meant to focus believers on spiritual development.

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