Tuesday, November 27, 2012

First Images From “Son Of Cain” Released

son of cainFilmax International released the first images from upcoming psychological thriller “Son Of Cain”. The film stars Jose Coronado, Julio Manrique David Solans and Maria Molins. It is currently in production. Directed by Jesus Monlloa Plana the story follows Nico, a special and difficult teenager; who is an exceptionally gifted child with an obsession for chess. He’s got problems with social adaptation and shows a defiant attitude, especially towards Carlos, his father. This father-son confrontation affects the whole family severely. Carlos and Nico’s mother decide to hire the services of Julio, a renowned psychologist experienced in working with special children. Julio himself happens to be a chess master. Through therapy and their common love for chess, Julio will plunge into Nico’s disquieting inner world and try to shed some light onto Nico’s tense and complex relationship with his father. Discovering the truth that lies beyond Nico’s hostility will become the key to avoid the essence of evil taking over their lives. Check out the images posted on the Filmax site below.

son of cain still

son of cain still 2
son of cain still 3
son of cain still 4
son of cain still 5

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