Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Check Out Indie Flick Video Promo For “High On The Hog”

Why just satisfy your craving with a trailer when you can create an awesome country video that not only celebrates your film but celebrates your buds! The family that grows together, tokes together!
Indie flick featuring Sid Haig, Joe Estevez, Robert Z'Dar, Fiona Domenica, Brenda-Marie Whitehead, Siarra T. Mong, Katrina Hill, Adam Budron, Joette Waters, Walt Sloan, Danny Glenn,Jesse C Boyd, Shaun Vain and Emma Blyth called “High On The Hog” really brings the family together in this cool culture film about good hogs, good buds, and good times. The movie is directed by Tony Wash and instead of some ole’ trailer to promote the film they created a real country video that pretty much says it all.

Tag Line: Pack it up and pack it tight.

High on the Hog, an independent film about the struggle and triumphs of the modern cash crop farmer. Big Daddy, a man larger than life, lives on his farm in a small mid-western town. In order to survive his trying times he started growing marijuana to save his family farm and to overcome the hardships in his life. During his road to excess, he delivers his product to the city and begins to adopt some strays that move to his farm to help him with his crop. Little does Big Daddy know the biggest challenge in his life still lies ahead. On a wild run to the city his girls have an encounter that will change all their lives. His “drug cartel” is now a target of trigger-happy federal agents from the big city. With the help of his trusted friends and townspeople Big Daddy’s family uses sex, drugs and rock n roll to make a stand and avoid the long arm of the law.

With a potent strain of pot sweeping the city of Chicago, DEA agent Lucy goes undercover in the rural town of Hickory to stop the drug production at its source. But she never expects to find an aging farmer named Big Daddy, who just wants to save his land from foreclosure, and his lovely trio of farmhands: Laura, Lola, and Lenore. As they open her eyes to life outside the big city, relentless agent Dick brings the fury of the DEA leading the charge to "rescue" Lucy and take down the farmers by any means necessary.

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