Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trailer For Italian Horror Film “Paura”3D

“Paura”3D is directed by The Manetti Brothers and stars Peppe Servillo, Francesca Cuttica, Lorenzo Pedrotti, Domenico Diele and Claudio Di Biagio.
“When mechanic Ale overhears a conversation between a wealthy customer and the garage owner, he knows what he and his two best mates Simone and Marco are going to do for the next few days. For Marquis Lanzi wants his best car serviced while he goes on a short holiday and before long the trio are driving to his Rome villa intent on having a wild weekend in total luxury. But as they start raiding the fridge, swimming in the pool and playing video games without a care in the world something is about to happen that will change their lives forever. No, no, please don’t look in the basement….”



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