Thursday, July 5, 2012

Check Out The Trailer For “The Borneo Incident”

The-Borneo-Inceident-Poster-610x836“The Borneo Incident” is a documentary styled film directed by Michael Helfman and starring Henry Golding, Fay Hokulani, Mitch Ross, Rob Gilliland featuring Dennis Lau, Hansen Lee, Daphne Iking and Carmen Soo. Check out the trailer below and decide if you can handle the adventure or not. From what I can gather from the teaser trailer this is part travel adventure and part supernatural horror that may just prove that footage styled films will thrive forever, much like a few predecessors did. “Grave Encounters, Paranormal Activity” and The Blair Witch Project” just to name a few. Based on this view I think I may like this movie.

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