Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tales Of The Weak & Wounded By Gary McMahon

front_med_400px__56544_zoomWho doesn’t find inspiration in the horrific circumstances of mental illness? These are stories of those who are deemed broken and fragile teetering on the edge of societal bounds pivoting toward the long dark fall into insanity.

The sound of shuffling footsteps across the old cell floor…

A soft voice like a strange tune echoing along the empty corridors…

Dim lights in the windows of the abandoned asylum…
Discarded case files that flip open to reveal the dreams of broken minds…

Welcome to a place where the boundaries of fact and fiction meet.

Acclaimed author Gary McMahon raids the archives of a notorious derelict mental asylum called the Daleside Institute to bring you stories of madness, horror and emotional trauma. In locations as diverse as suburban Germany, the London Underground, an Italian seaside resort and the inhospitable polar icecap, you will meet damaged people with broken lives. Here are terrifying accounts of love, hate, death and madness…

These are the Tales of the Weak and the Wounded

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