Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Stranded Christian Slater

Stranded-350x454Christian Slater has signed on for the sci-fi horror “Stranded” that pits a crew against a genetic abnormality of horrific proportions where a female crew member becomes preggers and gives birth in a mere few days to something deadly and infectious. My guess is a parasitic creature that thrives on symbiotic union with a host much like the creature in “The Thing” did except this time it isn’t other worldly but more of an abomination of human science and exploration. “Stranded” will be directed by Roger Christian and here is what he said to Dread Central about the film:

“[It's] quite scary. We don’t have a creature. Our alien entity, which it is, is born on board. This woman gets pregnant and gives birth in a few days. It’s one of those weird things that happens very fast. The thing that’s on board imitates one of the crew members and takes him over… Our familiar character becomes the monster.

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