Monday, March 18, 2013

It Takes A Special Breed Of Human In The Soulless

soulless promo artThe Soulless is a zombie apocalypse film currently in production. The film is being shot in New Jersey by native director Chris Eilenstine. The film brings forth not only a subspecies of zombie but the rise of a new “special” type of human that is needed to battle the undead called The Soulless. The movie stars Jason Propst, Jennifer Teska, Kaylin Iannone, Michael Chartier, Edward X Young (Mr. Hush, Psycho Street), Laura Herr, Bob Cleary, Joe Parascand (Sheriff Tom vs. The Zombies) among the cast and is gearing up to shoot an epic zombie sequence March 23, 2013 at Long Branch NJ. Call time is 9:00am and the set location is the Siperstein’s building on the corner of 2nd Street and Broadway. It is an important scene in the film and zombie horde want-to-be’s are asked to show up..all are invited.

When the Zombie Apocalypse begins a new breed of human is born. They are- THE SOULLESS. Check out the trailers and teaser here !

soulless still

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