Monday, February 3, 2014

“Virginia Obscura” VOD Release Details

“Virginia Obscura” is Coming to VOD!

Virginia2The twisty grindhouse-meets-arthouse giallo-style horror film — which stars Matt Mitler (The Mutilator, Basketcase 2), Thomas Kovacs (My Bloody Valentine, Scanners), Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, Creepozoids), Jessica Cameron (Silent Night, Truth or Dare), Christopher Marrone (The Vampire Diaries, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies), and new blood: Jennie Brown and Ed Conrade — is premiering on Full Moon’s ‘Wizard Studios’ label, and then releasing on worldwide VOD!

Virginia Obscura was selected for the first wave of new releases by Wizard Studios; a relaunch of the iconic ’80s Wizard Video brand that distributed the cult classic horror films Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I Spit On Your Grave, Zombie, and The Driller Killer.

Charles Band (producer of Ghoulies, Re-Animator, Troll, Creepozoids, Dolls, Tourist Trap and many more) and his company Full Moon Features (best known for the Puppet Master series, along with its other horror franchises: Gingerdead Man, Demonic Toys, Subspecies, and Killjoy) have resurrected Wizard with a focus on rising indie filmmakers and their cutting-edge genre films.

“As champions of horror and cult cinema, it’s incredible to have the endorsement of Full Moon and Wizard,” says writer/director Toby Osborne. “Virginia’s bloody quest to find her father couldn’t be more at home.”
Virginia Obscura is premiering/streaming for subscribers of on February 21st, prior to the worldwide VOD release on February 22nd.

Pre-order the VOD here – (streaming + digital downloads in SD, HD and Full HD; region-free and compatible with all devices).

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