Sunday, June 2, 2013

Teaser Poster For Action Thriller “Blood Sombrero”

blood sombrero title
The film is labeled as a “A TRIGGER HAPPY KILL FEST OF BLOOD LUST AND CHROME VENGEANCE!” Hell I am sold on that alone!!! But continue to read and feast on the teaser poster for this modern grindhouse/neo-western thrill ride to be! “Blood Sombrero” is  directed by Abel Berry and stars Billy Blair, Nick Gomez, Greg Ingram, Frederic Doss,Jennifer Stone, Patrick Sane, Stephen Brodie, Paula Mercenaro Solinger, Michael P. Brown, Lynn Dee, Ava Page.

Introducing BLOOD SOMBRERO! A new action-packed thriller from the mind of Abel Berry! This star-studded film is currently in production and will bring you a heart pounding thrill ride into a dark world of Ruthless Predators! Leather! Guns! Knives! Hardcore Badasses! Psychotically Gorgeous Women! And of course, Blood! War is hell, but hell is home in Blood Sombrero!Featuring the phenomenal talents of award-winning cinematographer Richard Allen Crook! Story and Direction from the dark mind of Abel Berry!
Head over to the film’s Facebook page to stay up to date on this one. They are promising a trailer soon!
Blood Sombrero

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