Wednesday, January 4, 2012

“The Reverend”–How excited am I about this film!

I love priests! the collars, the cloth, the regimental lifestyle and the conviction of their faith all are intriguing and almost mystically hypnotic to me. I have had many a fantasy and nightmare about these creatures and the mythical power they seem to possess, and I’m not even catholic or christian for that matter!. I just find them kind of erotic. They have so many character traits that I find both alluring and illusive in myself that I have somehow projected my attraction to these things that I fear, loathe and in some twisted way admire. Anyway there is a long reoccurring fantasy that I will omit from this rambling segment.  Now back to the point of this post.
“The Reverend” has taken all those traits that I find fascinating in the preacher man and added the ribbed for your pleasure enhancement of vampirism. Much like Angel in the Buffy-verse this preacher finds no pleasure of joy in his situation and seeks to right the wrongs of the evil doers and bring some justice to the world of darkness he now finds him self in. I just hope the film holds true to my excitement and anticipations, plus gives justice to the graphic novel from wince it came.
Who wouldn’t enjoy a movie with both Rutger Hauer and Doug Bradly! Anyway “The Reverend” has posted a couple new photos and along with the website and trailer plus the loads of other stuff that has been released this past season there should be enough to hold me over until I get to see this one. It opens in UK February 3rd, 2012.
“Fresh from seminary school, a new Reverend embarks on his first parish: A small, low-maintenance chapel based in the idyllic setting of a quiet country village. While on the surface the village seems to be a peaceful parish, with perfect residents, soon it becomes apparent that something more sinister lurks beneath the façade of a local businessman. On a wet, cold night, a mysterious girl visits the Reverend at the chapel. She is welcomed in warmly, but soon it becomes apparent that her visit is not for sanctuary but to deliver a message, a message in the form of a deep, bloody bite... Awoken with an unknown, uncontrollable thirst, the confused Reverend can't find any evidence of the girl from the night before. With nothing but his thirst and memory of the bite, the Reverend embarks on a mandate to clean up the village and the neighboring preaching or feasting.”

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