Saturday, January 7, 2012


It seems like I have been waiting for this one for over a year now and finally there is new imagery for the creature feature. This film has had my attention ever since I first saw the pint of Guinness and the hint that the only way of surviving the event is to get really pissed! For that I am game! Plus it has my favorite wolfie from BBC’s ‘Being Human’! Check out the new image below…
“An idyllic remote Irish fishing village – replete with twinkly-eyed eccentric Waking Nedcharacters – is invaded by enormous tentacled creatures from the sea who are picking off the villagers one at a time. The inhabitants learn that the one thing the creatures don’t like is alcohol, it makes people taste horrible, so they realise that in order to stay alive, they’re going to have to get as pissed as possible.”

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