Monday, January 2, 2012

“ 3 Solitude”

“A high energy action packed character driven piece” according to Jesse Kozel in an interview about 1217’s psychological thriller that is seen as a very ambitious film. “3 Solitude” is currently in pre-production and has a big cast so far…Peter Greene (Pulp Fiction), Vernon Wells (Mad Max: Road Worrier), Ann Walker (Sordid Lives), Debbie Rochon (Colour From the Dark), Jason James Richter (Free Willy), Natacha Itzel (Swamp Shark), Jesse Kozel (Candy.), Yvonne Maria Schaefer (The Child), Deneen Melody (Crestfallen) and Connor Fox (Ice Grill, U.S.A.) are all attached to star and with more to be announced later.
Cora O’Sullivan is the mother of two young children.  When Cora turns her internal rage into vengeful aggression towards her eldest son Joseph, both children are subjected to the death of their mother during a violent storm.  This moment is cemented in the children’s minds, forcing Joseph too mentally breakdown and his sister Anna, into a psychological state of shock, causing her to forget her entire childhood.  The two children are separated; Joseph is raised in an insane asylum, while Anna is raised by a family not far away.  They grow up apart but are psychically connected and haunted by images of their Mother and grow up in fear.
Now an adult, Anna lives her life as normal as possible with the help of a psychologist.  Her daughter, Alyssa, is about to be married.  Before the wedding is to take place, information of a severe storm churning in the Gulf, threatens to stop the event.  Family and friends are prepared to ride out the storm but they do not realize this mere storm is about to escalate into one of the worst hurricanes in history.  The group becomes trapped, fearful of the storm wreaking havoc on the small coastal town.  The violent nature of this storm triggers a stronger psychological connection between Anna and Joseph, leaving them both emotionally disconnected from their surroundings.
After years of medical treatment, Joseph has little memory of his sister.  He lives in constant fear, while visions of his mother appear to him often.  These shocking visions send him into fits of rage that require restraint and continued sedation.  With the city under a severe hurricane warning, a mandatory transport of all patients from the asylum is ordered.  A terrible accident takes place, sending three mentally damaged patients loose; one of them is Joseph O’Sullivan.  The town’s sheriff is on the hunt for these men, while trying to keep this quaint, coastal town from falling prey to nature’s wrath.
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