Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Rekehnedjes/Phamenoth

Beginning of Old Egyptian Proyet/Emergence month of Rekehnedjes/Phamenoth:Priests and priestesses made offerings of incense, holy water, and perfumed oils to the Neteru (Gods and Goddesses). [Kemetic calendar] [Alexandrian calendar 2/25] [Ancient Egyptian calendar: Rekehnedjes day 1]

Peret (proyet - emergence or growth) was the second season in the ancient Egyptian calendar. The soil on the banks of the Nile was still very damp from the inundation and the fields were in the perfect condition for planting crops. Although the growing season was actually five months long, Peret (like Akhet and Shemu) was four months long, covering the planting season and early growth of the crops. Peret began early in January and ran until early May (although dates varied due to the movements of the civil calendar).

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