Monday, January 14, 2019

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Raising Heaven

Old Egyptian Festival honoring the unseen Neteru Amen and Amenet. Egyptians perceived the many Gods and Goddesses (Neteru) to be aspects of the one God-Goddess Neter-Neteret. [Kemetic calendar] [Alexandrian calendar 2/24 to 2/26] [Ancient Egyptian calendar: Rekehwer day 30 to Rekehnedjes day 2]

A festival spanning several days, identified sometimes as 'Amun-in-the-festival-of-raising-heaven', and in some sources the day of bringing branches of the ished-tree (sacred tree of the sun-god at Iunu) and culminating on the next day, the first of the next month, with the ceremony of filling the sacred eye in Iunu; this is the halfway point of the year, ideal 'midwinter'

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