Thursday, September 20, 2018

My Review Of "Night Runners"

"Night Runners" is the debut short from Angel Dillemuth who co-directed the urban crime, horror short with Nectarios Leonidas. The film stars Dillemuth, Quincy Chad, and Morgane as the Night Runner.

The film follows two men who, after committing a robbery in which a child is killed, are pursued by an ancient evil out to avenge lost innocence.

Angel Dillemuth clearly knows horror storytelling designed to create a message. His short film, first time experience, is a clever,  dark parable told honest and smart. The characters are organic and relatable. They are also non-typical , fully developed people - flawed as they are. The events unfold in a naturally,  eerie sequence of events that hold attention while creating suspense.

The acting in "Night Runners" is top notch, beyond what you normally find in microbudget productions. The atmosphere Dillemuth creates is a blend of classic horror and still maintaina a contemporary feel. The creature design and special effects are just enough to be bloody and chilling and spot on. Overall "Night Runners" is a quick shot of  excellent nightmare storytelling that is entertaining. Definitely worth checking out ! (5/5)

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