Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Trailer Released For YouTube Series "Mia Morris' Diary"

"Mia Morris' Diary is an adventurous modern-day retelling of Dracula. The indie webseries is headed to YouTube later this year, with the first episode expected in the Fall. For now though, check out the trailer that just released.

The series follows a college student, Mia Morris (played by Skye Fitzpatrick), and her friends – Lucy Westwood (played by Sharee Muller), Drake Alucard (played by Thomas Bishop), John Stuarts (played by Timothy Clark), Arthur Holmwood (played by Rafferty Parer) and Quinn (played by Isis Calje) – who face supernatural and evil forces at the university where a lot of unexplained attacks are taking place. It’s up to Mia and her friends to solve the mystery behind these attacks. 

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