Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trailer Released For "May The Devil Take You"

The first trailer has been released for Timo Tjahjanto'so latest horror "Sebelum Iblis Menjemput/May The Devil Take You". The film stars Chelsea Islan (Headshot), Pevita Pearce (Buffalo Boys), Samo Rafael, Hadijah Shahab, Ruth Marini, Karina Suwandi and Ray Sahetapy. "May The Devil Take You" has its international release set for August 9th.

The film follows Alfie, a depressed solitary young woman discovering her estranged bedridden father, Lesmana. Alfie journeys to Lesmana’s villa trying to determine what befalls of her father and how it connects the mysterious death of her mother. Further complications arise with the arrival of Maya, Alfie’s step-sister. The two women slowly journey into a horrifying downward spiral of violence and insanity as they edge into the truth of what or who Lesmana has been dwelling with.

No English subtitled version as of yet. ...

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