Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In The World Of Spirits: My Manhattan Light

I have been wanting to try a Manhattan cocktail forever. It is the drink of card carrying uptown men from the sophisticated era of society. The 19th century began a time of opulence. It is also a drink that like the Martini makes me think of old Hollywood B&W cinema. I am obsessed with film noir and next to the horror/sci-fi obsession the early years of movies is what molds me. Anyway back to the Manhattan. It is just two types of whiskey and no mixer. I cannot handle that strong a drink. I am a wimp! So I have created my Manhattan Light. Basically it is a Manhattan with a splash of Sprite and two cherries.
1 oz Martini&Rossi
2 oz J&B

Place your ice in your favorite martini glass. Add your two liquors.   Then fill the rest of way with Sprite and throw in the cherries. It keeps the strong thick whiskey yet the Sprite allow for a milder flavor. Still it is a strong drink but I consider it a light cocktail. Enjoy!

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