Monday, December 31, 2018

My Review Of "The Harrowing"

Haunted by the  ritualistic  killing  of  his  best  friend,  a  vice  detective (Matthew Tompkins, Sicario)  determined  to discover  the  truth  goes  undercover  into  a  forensic  hospital  and  is  plunged  into  his  own personal  hell  where  demons  might  be  real.  

"The Harrowing" is directed by John Keeyes, who also wrote the screenplay. It stars legendary film icon Michael Ironside as well as Arnold Vosloo, Matthew Tompkins, Hayden Tweedie, and Arianne Martin. It is anot elevated, highly conceptualized horror art film.

Keeyes story blends fantasy horror with seedy  crime syndicate concepts that are poignant to real world issues. It is quite a heady storyline with a deeper meaning snaked through the film, revealing a larger story at play. It isnt a new idea to use a plotline as a metaphor of sorts to tell a bigger story , but Keeyes gets gritty and almost masterful in his attempt in a most creative way.

The characters are fully realized. Easily recognizable,  even as unsavory as most are, and you can connect with their plight. "The Harrowing" is a transitional nightmare that plays with perceptions. Although at times the film hits lags with wordy cliché dialog, there is not a moment you forget what you are watching. Mostly because the horror of the previous scenes or the understanding that things are going to get even more horrible afterwards. 

There are a few moments that hurt "The Harrowing". During the midway point as things get clearer,  during the story transition, the story gets a bit muddled in the beginning. Luckily just as it feels Keeves could be heading off the rails , the muddle fades and the story rebounds and kicks in to high gear. You still are made to watch the story unfold with a big question mark overhead,  but that is intentioal.

Overall "The Harrowing" is a killer movie. The special effects are stellar, both CGI and practical. I felt like I was watching a true modern giallo, with all the blood and gore a horror fan could want for. The creature design,  what time it is on screen is awesome, I wanted more of it. Definitely check this one out. (4/5)

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