Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teaser Trailer Arrives For “Psychotica”

Psychoticateaserposter smPsychotica” is a psychological thriller directed by Christopher Atkinson about addiction, but more importantly it is a story about the struggle for identity. They both must discover the truth about themselves for better or worse.  The film stars Ethan Nagle, Chris Estes, Erin Reinhard, Wendy Hartman, Courtney Smith, Giovanni Alabiso,Nate Haynes, Jake Gutwillig, Chris Goodwin, Paula Dellatte and Josh Nagle.  This will be Atkinson’s feature film debut.

Psychotica is a feature film about a college student named Carrick who is struggling with both an addiction to alcohol and a guilty conscience. Having been raised by his mother, who herself turned to alcohol to deal with the suicide of her husband, Carrick has come to see his college drug/alcohol councilor Abbott as something of a father figure. Abbott has himself fallen off the wagon and begun losing his grasp of reality. Abbott uses Carrick's addiction and guilt to manipulate him into going along on a homicidal road trip to hunt down his ex-wife.

While the plot of the story is fictional, the themes involved are very much drawn from real life. The first draft of the script was the first thing that writer/director Christopher Atkinson wrote after almost losing his life to his own struggle with alcohol. The story is a nightmarish blend of real life and fiction. We will leave it up to the audience to decide where one ends and the other begins.

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