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Talking Trash And Chocolate Pie With Laura Lee Black

Laura Lee BlackLaura Lee Black plays Tracy in Brian Dorton’s “Trashology”. An anthology that takes filth and fabulous into the twisted and depraved realm of Trash Cinema. It is one of the most original and entertaining films I have seen in a long time. Laura’s character is the catalyst for which this wild homage to all things John Waters begins. The character, Tracy, discovers a book in the local library one day while at Film School. As she reads the strange book we all discover the bizarre and fabulously demented lives that make up “Trashology”. However the story that unfolds around Tracy is as scandalous and filled with absurd filth to rival any of the stories within the pages of the book.

The anthology is set to be released on Slasher//Video and brings to life a world that would make John Waters proud. It is a social exploration of the absurd and mundane in which simple thoughts avalanche into psychotic celebrations of WTF?! The stories are creative, fun episodes of life, sick with humor and madness. “Trashology” is so much more than a love letter to John Waters, it is hope. Hope for a subgenre that almost never gets respect or appreciation. I talked with Laura Lee Black about her part in this Indie flick that is destined to be a cult classic. It is a disturbing chat of trash and chocolate pie.

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ASouthernLife: How did you get involved in Brian Dorton's "Trashology"?
Laura Lee Black: I met Brian Dorton through Douglas Conner. They were looking for someone to take over Tracy, I said yes right away, and then chuckled. Then I said uh-oh, what will I have to do?

ASouthernLife: What did you think when you first read the script?
Laura Lee Black: They brought over the script and left it with me. I had not seen any of the 3 interlocking stories as of yet, so I thought, I can do this! Brian gave me great direction!

ASouthernLife: In “Trashology” you have two compromising and wonderfully trashy scenes, A blow job and “making a chocolate pie”. Which scene had more takes the blow job or the pie mixing?
Laura Lee Black: The pie mixing took several takes, due to all the angles Doug wanted to cover, however the "BJ" scene..not so many...I think Tracy knew what she was doing, ...that makes me laugh!

ASouthernLife: Who did you model your character from, someone you know or all you?
Laura Lee Black: I think that I thought of Tracy as the gal that everyone secretly wants to be, so from Brian's writing Tracy was born!

ASouthernLife: Have you ever been tempted to make a 'poo' pie for anyone?
Laura Lee Black: I have never actually made a 'poo' pie for anyone. That does not mean I haven't wanted to...ha-ha!

ASouthernLife: Where you a big fan of Trash Cinema before being in "Trashology"?
Laura Lee Black: “Trashology” was definitely a great experience and I think Trash Cinema has a place on everybody's shelf!

ASouthernLife: What is your favorite John Waters film?
Laura Lee Black: John Waters is fantastic, I think Hairspray and Pink Flamingos come to mind first...I hope he liked “Trashology”! (Brian was able to give John Waters a copy of “Trashology” last year at one of the Film festivals.)

Laura Lee And SeanASouthernLife: Have you ever bribed a teacher or person in control to get something from them. Would you ever do something like Tracy did to get your way?
Laura Lee Black: Without giving all my secrets away, let's say Tracy's master manipulation is a skill....LOL!

ASouthernLife: If you made a trashy movie about your life what would we see a lot of in the movie?
Laura Lee Black: My life as a trashy movie...great question! Some broken hearted man done wrong, at least I let them survive to tell about it.

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