Sunday, February 3, 2013

Details On Slick Flick Productions “Scavenger”

scavenger movieThe slasher rich horror film “Scavenger” begins shooting in April. It comes from Indie production company Slick Flick Productions and is set to star Sierra Holmes, Paul Sieber, Andrew DeHart, Jonathan A. Moody, Jim O'Rear, Melanie Robel, Karen Zombora, with Alex Vincent, Melantha Blackthorne, Debbie Rochon, David Marancik, Bob Bozek, and Scott Teppeman as Dylan Jackson. It will be directed by Jonathon Moody who detailed the synopsis as: “Dylan Jackson watched his father brutally murder his mother and escapes in to the woods where he's been living for 15 years. Hunting and slaughtering anything he can find to eat to survive. Now a journalist with ties to the old community is off to the woods with a group to see if the legend is really true. Along to help save her and the group is her alcoholic sheriff father and his deputy who use to be good friends with her. Will they all survive or will Dylan murder them all one by one. Find out when you watch... SCAVENGER.” Check the movie out at it’s Facebook Page and see all the other twisted and sick productions lined up over at the Indie company’s site!

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