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Killer Lessons In Ass Kicking: My Interview With “Velvet Vengeance” Star Andee Martin

*NOTE* This interview was done before the Andee Martin made the decision to leave the cast of Velvet Vengeance but the interview is still a very interesting read!

Andee MartinAndee Martin has always wanted to be an actress. It is a dream that she is excited to see realized as she prepares for her first feature film. No stranger to acting having appeared in two previous short films Andee still finds this new reality very surreal. In 2011 Andee Martin was cast into the role of Penelope in Jeremy Campbell’s zombie survival short “Try To Survive”, a film that pit four teenagers on a weekend camping trip against a horde of flesh eaters with very little chance of survival. However it was Andee’s 2012 portrayal of Alice in Campbell’s horror short “Velvet Vengeance” that has really sparked the beginnings a great partnership between the two. The film was awarded “Best Short” At 2012 San Antonio Horrific Film Festival. Campbell stated that Andee Martin really is Alice which is why the director could only see the feature film adaptation happening if Andee agreed to reprise the role. It is something that the young actress was more than willing to do noting with enthusiasm her excitement toward revisiting the character in a broader, more intricate story. The feature will take a more action driven approach focusing stronger fight sequences while holding on to the classic horror based atmosphere.

In my interview with the nineteen year actress Cleburne, Texas resident she talked about her excitement about reprising the role of Alice and the preparations she is taking to bring this girl next door, who could totally kick your ass, to life in the feature film adaptation. She is currently training in the art of Mauy Tai, Boxing and Grappling, which is pretty awesome in and of itself! There is also plans for intense weapons training all of which should come in handy when forced to confront homicidal maniacs whose “mascot” comes in the form of a brutal ax wielding psychopath who finds comfort behind a baby doll mask. Oh whom is also a strong female presence that incites fear known only as Dolly. Do you see the directional intension that this film is going for? There is strong influence most notably recognized from the film “Big Trouble In Little Chine” but keeping with the darker tone and atmosphere of grindhouse and slasher genres something that Andee Martin is eager to see happen as evident in our interview.
Andee as Alice

ASouthernLife:   You are reprising the role of Alice in the feature "Velvet Vengeance" which is adapted from the short film. How do you feel about having a bigger story to expand upon with the character? Are you nervous at all?
Andee Martin: In the feature I feel like the people will have a chance to get to know Alice more. They will be able to connect with her after seeing everything she has been through. I am nervous, its a bigger part and a lot of people are looking forward to this movie. I hope I can really become Alice.

ASouthernLife: Alice becomes kind of an ass kicker in the story, how has the training been for you gearing up for production?
Andee Martin: Training has been amazing! I have been training 5 days a week at a MMA gym in Burleson, Tx. called Texas Fighting Syndicate. I've been doing MMA, Mauy Thai, and also taking a strength and conditioning class. The owner Burt McDonald has been helping me out a lot, he has been working one on one with me also. I can't thank him enough.

ASouthernLife: Where you shocked at the attention the short film has had at festival screenings?
Andee Martin: Yes and no. I was hoping it would get attention at the festivals, but it also surprised me by how much it got. I am very proud of it and I hope the feature gets a lot of attention as well.

ASouthernLife: Before filming the "Velvet Vengeance" short did you consider yourself to be an ass kicker or  a fighter?
Andee Martin: I didn't consider myself a fighter. I liked to think I was, but in reality I tried to stay away from fights or those kinds of situations as best I could.

ASouthernLife: In the feature you will show your skills Mauy Tai, boxing and Grappling. Which skills are you most enjoying learning and was it subjects you were interested before being cast in the role?
Andee Martin: I would have to say I'm enjoying the Mauy Thai the most. I am having a lot of fun learning all the punch and kick combos. The MMA class is fun also. We have been focusing on ground work, being on top of someone and different techniques on how to control them. Yes, I was very interested in learning how to fight. I wanted to be able to defend myself, and also I knew it would look great on resume.

ASouthernLife: You also are going to have gun training for the role of Alice, are you looking forward to that training as well? What is Alice's weapon of choice?
Andee Martin: I am very excited to start gun training. I have handled guns before, but it will be nice to have some more experience. I believe the gun Alice will be using is a 9mm Beretta.

ASouthernLife: What did you think when Jeremy approached you about his plan to add more martial arts and action to the story?
Andee Martin: When Jeremy told me his ideas for the movie I was very happy to hear that he was adding more action and fighting to the feature.

ASouthernLife: Jeremy told me that he feels you are the character, that girl next door who is totally bad ass. How much of Alice do you see in yourself? Are there any things about the character that you have trouble relating to?
Andee Martin:  I do see some of Alice in me. I am "the girl next door", I'm not much of a bad ass but with all this training I am starting to feel like one. The only thing that I am having a little bit of trouble relating to is the loss of my brother, since my brother is very much well and alive lol. I have to run through the scene a couple times to get the right emotions down.

ASouthernLife: What are you most looking forward to as filming begins for "Velvet Vengeance"?
Andee Martin: I am looking forward to everything. I love being on set and seeing everything that goes on behind the scenes. I love being able to hang out with all the actors and crew. I think I am mostly excited about showing off my new skills of fighting.

ASouthernLife: If you found yourself in the woods facing psycho dressed as a Doll do you think you could take them down or would you try to flee, twist an ankle and go out in tears?
Andee Martin: I would try and take them on and bring them down. It would be very scary but I would rather die trying than run away and always think I should have took them on.

ASouthernLife: What do you do when your not learning killer skills or kicking ass?
Andee Martin: I like to take my free time to hang out with my friends and family, I feel like no matter what they will always keep me grounded and true to who I really am. I am really thankful for that. I don't want to change just because some things in my life are changing.

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