Monday, April 13, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek Pic Image Of The Axeman In “Axeman II: Overkill”

Check out the exclusive sneak peek image from “Axeman II: Overkill”. The image is of Michael Foster who plays "Polk Talbert", the Axeman that started the legend which still haunts the woods of Cutter's Creek. The image was sent to me by good friend to the blog horror Writer/Director/Actor Joston Theney.

“Axeman II: Overkill” stars ("Teen Mom") Farrah Abraham, ("Baywatch") Angelica Bridges, ("Big Brother") Rachel Reilly, (THE FOURTH KIND) Alisha Seaton, Monique Parent, Michael Foster. The film is currently in post-production with a release date to be announced. “Axeman II: is a collaboration between Theney's #SinningWorks and Christopher Otiko’s Blood Red Fims. 

Axeman II

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