Monday, October 15, 2012

Check Out The Trailer For Circus Horror “Big Top Evil”

“Big Top Evil” is a Indie horror flick from Floridian company Faced Productions out of Sarasota. This circus nightmare was shot with a cast of volunteer actors and a budget of only 20,000. A total grass roots effort from the company who created “Mangrove Slasher 2” which had a budget of only 1,000. “Big Top Evil” is directed by Sean Haitz and Chris Potter. Check out the trailer below. I have to think Seth Metoyer at for the heads up on this film as well as a very interesting film company.
big top evil2
A group of mid-twenties friends are on a road trip to visit Mangrove County, the scene of the increasingly infamous Mangrove Slasher massacre. On their way they encounter a few problems and meet Candy, a country girl with a dark side who suggests they spend the night at her parents’ motel, which just so happens to be next to their family-run circus. What these travelers don’t know is this circus is filled with sadistic cannibals. When a ragtag threesome of outlaws unexpectedly show up, guns-a-blazing, things really get out of hand. Not wanting the infamy of their very own massacre, the group must now fight their way out of a literal freak show of psychotic clowns, demented half-human creatures and a couple of giant galoots that all work for a circus family dead set on keeping their secrets safe.

big top evil photo
Big Top Evil still
big Top evil still 2
Big Top Evil still 3
Big Top Evil still 4
Big Top Evil still 5

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