Sunday, August 19, 2012

Check Out Second Teaser For “American Horror Story: Asylum”

The second mysterious teaser for season 2 of ‘American Horror Story’ releases us to a rather unholy allure of life in the habit. The short sequence opens to a white sterile room where a glowing ghostly nun enters to place the powder blue coat  on the wall. The color blue usually represents a desire to bring calm into an environment of chaos or agitation. Something that we know is necessary to quail the restlessness of unsettled souls. As the nun places this garment against the wall and moves to her position of rest we see a black nun in a small cubby praying as she faces the wall. The white nun only casually glances in the black nun’s way before giving a sly glance toward the camera. All this is to tease and make us revel in the wonders that will be an American Horror Story far different from season one. Life in an asylum where Catholicism is king and Jessica Lange is God. It will be a truly nightmarish and intensely twisted show indeed. Season two of ‘American Horror Story’ begins in October!

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