Thursday, March 7, 2019

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Festival Of Vejovis

Vejovis (sometimes spelt Vediovis) was an obscure Roman deity. ... He was celebrated with festivals on 1 January, 7 March, and 21 May, but the nature of these festivals, as with the rest of the god's cult, is unknown.

Vejovis (sometimes spelt Vediovis) was an obscure Roman deity. He is poorly attested in both written sources and archaeology, and his nature is debated by scholars. His name is related to Jove (Jupiter), and some authors described him as either a ‘little Jupiter’ or ‘anti-Jupiter.’ 

Vejovis was often invoked during times of war. One such invocation is preserved in Macrobius’ 5th century CE Saturnalia which was used by dictators or generals to devote enemy cities. and armies to destruction. Vejovis was portrayed as a young man, holding a bunch of arrows, pilum, (or lightning bolts) in his hand, and accompanied by a goat. Romans believed that Vejovis was one of the first gods to be born. He was a god of healing, and became associated with the Greek Asclepius. He was mostly worshipped in Rome and Bovillae in Latium.

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